Zen And The Art Of Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 – Your Conference Guidebook


Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, the premiere social media and optimization conference, is the world’s top week of online marketing. Featuring
over 200 leading speakers, major keynote presentations, more

Pubcon Las Vegas

than 150 panel sessions in ten simultaneous daily topic tracks — each its own conference-within-a-conference — a giant exhibit hall, a pre-conference training program led by 13 expert trainers, Pubcon Labs, and the best networking events in the entertainment capital of the world, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will bring it all together this October 21 – 24 at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center for the year’s biggest and best new media and search marketing event.

For 2013 we’ve got many new things in store, and have lined up tremendous keynotes from major industry futurists, including Google’s popular head quality control engineer and webspam team leader Matt Cutts. For over dozen years Cutts has led many major webspam and engineering initiatives that have helped propel Google to becoming one of the world’s most successful businesses.

UnMarketing’s president and popular digital marketing personality Scott Stratten — the man behind “Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.” — will also present a major keynote address during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

Noted Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, chief executive and founder of Inside.com and longtime angel investor, will present the kick-off keynote during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

Matt Cutts
Google Webspam Team Leader
Pubcon Las Vegas 2013
Keynote Speaker

Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten
UnMarketing President
Pubcon Las Vegas 2013
Keynote Speaker

Jason Calacanis, Inside.com CEO, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Keynote Speaker

Jason Calacanis
Inside.com CEO
Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Keynote Speaker

Here are a collection of helpful tips for making your week at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 an unforgettable experience.


Google's Matt Cutts at Pubcon

It’s easier than ever to make the case for coming to Pubcon, as we’ve grown for more than 13 years to become the key conference where the upcoming path of online innovation is charted by the world’s top digital futurists, many of whom won’t go to any conference this year except for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

In addition to the information in this online guidebook, here are some extra ways you can present Pubcon to your company as the must-attend event of the year:


Although Pubcon is already one of the most fairly-priced conference in the industry — priced

Pubcon Las Vegas

substantially less than most other events — there are strategies you can take advantage of to get to Pubcon for the least amount of money, by planning ahead and seeking out specials.

  • The least expensive time to sign up for Pubcon is during the first few weeks after registration for the next conference opens. When registration opens it’s announced on our blog and on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus,
    Pinterest, and other Pubcon social media sites, so be sure to subscribe to the Pubcon blog and our various online hangouts so you’ll be notified as soon as passes go on sale.
  • One of the best ways to save on Pubcon is to go with three or more co-workers, which will qualify you for our group discount rate. See the special group discount section on our registration page.
  • From time to time special discount Pubcon registration coupon codes are given out to select
    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

    Pubcon sponsors and exhibitors. Take a look at the list of these Pubcon supporters and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and other social media services to keep an eye out for Pubcon discount codes, which could help lower your registration costs even more.
  • Another way to save on your Pubcon week is by finding and taking advantage of specials when you book your room at the official recommended Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 hotel, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Some of the bargains often available here can nearly offset the cost of registration for Pubcon, so look through Hard Rock’s specials page and its Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts for the best discount rates. Some Pubcon attendees save additional money by sharing rooms during their stay, a plan that can be considered if you’re on a limited budget.
  • Booking your flight to Las Vegas early and by using promotions and discount codes or

    Pubcon Las Vegas

    previously-earned frequent flier miles can also be great ways to save on your Pubcon experience.
  • Most people making a special trip to Las Vegas for Pubcon purchase a full conference pass, however if you are looking for the bare-bones entry-level introduction to Pubcon, we do offer a new networking badge, which gives you a great way to get in on some of Pubcon’s world-famous networking events if you’re not able to afford a full conference pass, or want to bring along extra staff members and introduce them to some of what makes Pubcon great. The networking badge not only provides full
    access to all official Pubcon evening networking events, but also admittance to all three major keynote addresses on tap at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

    Pubcon Las Vegas Networking

    Pubcon Las Vegas Networking

    Additionally, the new Pubcon networking badge also gives you access to the Pubcon exhibit hall filled with many major industry vendors, another great place to meet and network with Pubcon attendees. The networking badge doesn’t include access to any of Pubcon’s 150-plus sessions led by more than 200 top speakers sharing the latest industry news and strategies, or access to the optional Monday Pubcon Masters Group training program, all of which are available with additional Pubcon registration options.

  • You can save additional money by purchasing Las Vegas Monorail tickets before arriving in

    Pubcon Monorail Discount

    town, using the special Pubcon monorail discount pricing when you order online.
  • If you prefer to drive during Pubcon, you can save money by using the special discount car rental codes we’ve arranged through our rental partners Budget and Dollar.
  • The primary way you’ll end of saving on Pubcon, however, is through the information you’ll learn over the week — take-aways that throughout the year will help your business succeed.


You can either attend the Pubcon sessions that focus on your primary areas of interest or follow the speakers you most want to hear, or follow a plan that combines the two as you choose where to spend your days at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013. Here are some Pubcon session selection tips to help you pick the best bets for you and your business:

  • Study the master grid of sessions, organized into subject-specific tracks, and read the session

    Matt Cutts At Pubcon Las Vegas

    descriptions for those you’re interested in. A mobile-friendly version is available as well, and is even more convenient than installing an app. You may even want to read about all 150+ sessions to find exactly which sessions best suit you.
  • Each day you’ll essentially need to pick the session you most want to attend in each of the five or so daily session periods. With ten great concurrent sessions operating at the same time, it can be tough to choose the one you’ll actually sit down and take part in, but to help you keep track of your selections check out our Pubcon Conference Itinerary Builder utility.
  • Some Pubcon attendees like to choose not only their top choice for each session period of the

    Pubcon Las Vegas

    day, but also a backup or even third choice, giving alternatives should you decide to leave a session in progress. Planning ahead saves time, as you won’t need to consult the conference guidebook or website, and can quickly move to your second choice session should you wish.
  • Pubcon attendees have a wide range of strategies for picking out which sessions to go to, from rating each one on a scale of one to 10 based on interest or content to following certain speakers no matter which subject they happen to be speaking about. Whichever system you decide to use, planning ahead can be key to getting the most from a conference as huge as Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.
  • If you’re the type who likes to make your session choices based on who’s speaking, there are many ways to learn more about every Pubcon speaker before you make your decisions. For each Pubcon speaker you can:
    • Read their Pubcon biography

      Pubcon Las Vegas

    • Visit their website, blog, and social media accounts, linked to on their Pubcon speaker biography pages
    • Look for articles they’ve written for the Pubcon Speakers Blog
    • View interviews they’ve done for the Pubcon Video Blog
    • Check out their past interviews and other videos on YouTube and other video sites

      Pubcon Labs

    • Connect with them online and ask any questions you have about their sessions
  • Also plan time to take part in Pubcon Labs, which is your chance to sit down one-on-one with a major Pubcon speaker for 20 minutes of uninterrupted conversation. Available to all full conference pass holders, you’ll receive an e-mail about signing up for Pubcon Labs when you register.


  • There are more evening networking events and parties during Pubcon than anyone could

    Pubcon Las Vegas

    possibly attend, but by starting out with the biggest official ones you’ll be sure to get plenty of time to interact with the fantastic and one-of-a-kind Pubcon crowds, and still have time for late-night Las Vegas excitement with the after-party events of your choice.
  • Start out Monday night with the official Pubcon Monday night kickoff networking event, wrap up on Thursday with our official Pubcon Hofbräuhaus Rocktoberfest, and enjoy many other events that will be announced on our blog as the conference draws nearer. Several Pubcon fans have started compiling lists of networking events taking place during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, including Authority Labs’ Pubcon Vegas 2013 Events and Party List.
  • Following the #Pubcon tag on Twitter is a great way to find out where the events are happening each night during the week of Pubcon, and the locations and times of the big official conference networking events will be sent to all attendees, either by e-mail or here on the Pubcon blog.
  • Many of the social media and search marketing firms at Pubcon host their own events, both

    Pubcon Las Vegas

    private and for all Pubcon attendees. One of the best ways to get in the loop for the private events is to sign up for the mailing lists for all the Pubcon exhibitors, media partners, and sponsors.
  • Asking your Pubcon friends and associates about parties can also help you find the action, whether it’s a private rooftop bash or a simple (or even epic) dinner with like-minded individuals. Keeping an eye out in the Pubcon exhibit hall for postings about exhibitor events can also help you find out about after-hours meet-ups, or organize your own dinner or meeting over drinks for the new folks you’ve met during Pubcon.


  • If this will be your first Pubcon conference, congratulations — you’re in for an amazing week of

    Pubcon Las Vegas

    immersion in social media and search marketing with the industry’s top speakers, keynote presenters, exhibitors, sponsors, and perhaps most of all, some of the most important fellow attendees you’ll meet at any conference, who will all help make your first Pubcon a valuable time to
  • Many experienced Pubcon attendees have written guides on how to get the most from Pubcon, as have first-time conference-goers who’ve just come away from their first Pubcon, and you can read some of these accounts in the following "What To Bring To Pubcon" list.


  • Phone and laptop chargers

    Pubcon Las Vegas

  • Some people bring their own power strip, even though Pubcon tries to provide more than any other conference
  • Medications and/or painkillers
  • Skin lotion for the dry climate
  • Throat lozenges or a refillable water bottle to ward off coughing during sessions
  • Gear for taking notes, whether digitally or the old-fashioned pen-and-pad way. Remember that

    Pubcon Las Vegas

    after the conference you’ll be able to download the PowerPoint presentations from every speaker in every session, so focus on taking notes on the tips and strategies that aren’t already shown on the big conference screens.
  • Cash for taxicabs, as only certain cabs accept credit cards in Las Vegas
  • Monorail tickets, which you can purchase ahead of time at a discount rate
  • Comfortable shoes for walking the massive Las Vegas Convention Center floors during the

    Pubcon Las Vegas

    week of Pubcon
  • More formal clothes, in case you attend a Pubcon party at a nightclub with a dress code
  • Abundant business cards

Here are even more helpful lists of items to bring from a variety of Pubcon speakers and attendees:


  • Drink plenty of fluids while in the dry climate of Las Vegas. From the time you get up in your

    Pubcon Las Vegas

    hotel room, throughout the day at Pubcon, and while out networking at night, staying hydrated is important. During the day at Pubcon water is available from dispensers in the session room hallways, at drinking fountains located near each restroom, and in all vending machine areas. Water and other beverages are also available during breakfast and lunch.
  • Some Pubcon attendees pack their suitcase with favorite beverages if they’re unsure of being able to find them at the conference hotel, in the Las Vegas Convention Center, or in the various casinos and night hotspots where after-hours Pubcon events take place.
  • There are restrooms and vending machines hidden just out of sight as you enter the Las Vegas

    PubCon Las Vegas

    Convention Center South Halls for Pubcon, on the first floor underneath the escalators, which is also where a first aid station is located.
  • Don’t miss the chance to register for Monday’s optional Pubcon Masters Group intensive training program, featuring a kick-off keynote by leading neuromarketing expert Roger Dooley, founder of Dooley Direct LLC, and an astounding new lineup with 13 exceptional trainers in four premium tracks dedicated to in-house SEO, organic traffic optimization, social media, and paid search and social. The Pubcon Masters Group training, which has always sold out before the conference begins because of its personalized nature, is the perfect way to begin your week at Pubcon, and many consider it one of the week’s most valuable opportunities.
  • Be sure to set aside time to visit our Barnes & Noble author book signing area in the

    Pubcon Las Vegas Book Signings

    exhibit halls, and meet with many of the international social media and search experts who will be speaking at Pubcon and have them sign copies of their books for you.
  • Keep up with the latest social media and optimization news in the weeks leading up to Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, by reading interviews such as this one with Pubcon founder and chief executive Brett Tabke conducted by Pubcon speaker Todd Malicoat of Stuntdubl.com, and this one by Aaron Wall of SEO Book, looking at some of the latest changes in search and where online publishing is headed.


We’ve compiled lots of information on our website to help make your trip to Las Vegas for Pubcon as

Previous Pubcon Sponsors & Exhibitors

Previous Pubcon Sponsors & Exhibitors

smooth and efficient as possible, so read up on your options in these posts about getting around Pubcon:

These Pubcon tips should help you make the most from your week at the year’s biggest and best social media and optimization conference. If you haven’t registered yet, sign up now and join thousands of the world’s leading online innovators this October 21 – 24 as Pubcon Las Vegas becomes the center of the digital universe.

Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor
Team Pubcon