Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 Social Media And Search Conference

You’ll love Pubcon, the premier search and social media conference, which will take over the

Pubcon Las Vegas

entertainment capital of the world with Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 on October 15 – 19 at the immense Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s a week of new media and optimization like no other, that you simply can’t afford to miss.

Thousands of the the world’s most successful and tech-savvy innovators come to Pubcon every year, where corporate moguls network with brilliant entrepreneurs in an annual meeting of the Web’s best and brightest. If you haven’t heard of Pubcon or haven’t yet attended, make plans now to join us for the year’s most important gathering of social media and optimization professionals.

Pubcon has grown rapidly during the past several years, and with strong roots stretching back to

Pubcon Las Vegas

even longer ago than our first conference in
London in 2000, it’s easy to see why.

If you’re asking yourself “What is Pubcon and why should I go?”, here are just some of the reasons why you
should attend Pubcon, and check out what attendees are saying about Pubcon, too.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 is the year’s biggest and best social media and search marketing conference and
in one of the world’s most exciting cities, offering many unique opportunities to attendees, including:

  • Over 210 of the world’s best new media technologists and marketers

    cutting-edge discussions
    about the future of our digital world
  • Pubcon Las Vegas

  • More than 110 of the latest panel sessions to educate and illuminate
    Pubcon attendees
  • At least nine simultaneous sub-conference tracks included in all Gold
    and Platinum Passes
  • Pubcon is one of the only conferences where speakers actually interact
    with attendees on a personal level throughout the week, during networking
    parties, in the halls, and in many unique Pubcon special events
  • World-class keynote
    inspire and energize all Pubcon attendees

Hold on tightly to your mobile devices of choice and make the decision to
join us in the social media magic at Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 this October 15 – 19
— a decision you’ll wish you’d made years sooner. Pubcon also offers you ample
chances to:

  • Mingle with some of the top minds in the digital marketing, new media,
    search and affiliate worlds
  • Pubcon Las Vegas

  • Learn what is working the best in your industry from those who have
    methodically studied the alternatives
  • Gather vast quantities of new ideas from both up-and-coming young
    innovators and experienced technology founders
  • Commiserate with other attendees and Pubcon speakers seeking the best
    solutions for handling the quickly-changing world of today’s search engines
    and social media destinations
  • Become inspired by some of the Web’s most unusual and successful
    characters who make Pubcon an annual rite of passage in sunny Las Vegas

Register for Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 today and take advantage of some of the fairest prices around,

Pubcon Las Vegas

and save even more with our early-bird and multiple-attendee volume discounts. At Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 you’ll learn from the best and revel in the social media limelight as an astounding international body of new media moguls descends on the Las Vegas Convention Center for a week of technology networking and industry-leading sessions.

Join in and come to Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 and you’ll also be able to bring home not only new ideas and solutions, but many intangible elements that make Pubcon the top social media and search conference, including:

  • More than 110 "take-aways" — at least one from every session, and if you
    can’t attend all the sessions that you’d like to, Pubcon will mail all Gold and
    Platinum Pass holders a USB stick

    Leo Laporte by Dennis Goedegebuure

    containing all the PowerPoint
    presentations from the week’s panels

  • Pubcon Labs
    , a chance to sit down one-on-one with dozens of Pubcon’s top
    speakers and discuss your business’s needs face-to-face with panelists that
    you can usually only see from a distance at other conferences
  • Pubcon
    Masters Group
    professional training program — a day-long intensive and
    personal look at technology during a popular and always sold-out
    pre-conference special event
  • Networking parties such as our famous namesake Pubcon Classic gathering
    — the industry’s best opportunity to share and make deals
  • Make new industry friends and contacts from an unmatched pool of
    attendees, keynoters and speakers

Sign up for Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 at early-bird rates today, and join us for the biggest Pubcon week ever on October 15 – 19.

Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor
Team Pubcon