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PubCon 2008 : Everybody Loves Vegas Baby!
star Event PubCon Las Vegas 2008
star Where Las Vegas Convention Center in fabulous Las Vegas Nevada
star Format Six Track Educational Conference with Exposition Hall
star Topics Search, Web 2.0, Net Marketing, SEO/SEM, Affiliates, Domainers,
Video, Multimedia : aka: Webmastery.
star Levels PubCon is scaled from novice (light content) to advanced experience
levels (heavy content).
star Blurb The affordable leading edge conference.
"I send one or two people to every major conference; but, I send my entire team to PubCon". - Gillian Muessig SEOmoz
star Keynotes:
Shawn Rorick (Cirque du Soleil), George Wright (BlendTec - WillItBlend), Satya Nadella (Microsoft Live Search)
star star star
star When Nov 11-14, 2008
star Special Events
Tues: Exhibitor Cocktail reception (Sponsored by Bruce Clay and Apogee Search)
Wed: SEOmoz WereWolf Event, (Sponsored by SEOmoz)
Thurs: WebmasterRadio Search Bash, Sponsored by Microsoft Live Search
star Event Sponsors Microsoft Live Search
star Vegas Weather Sunny and Warm Las Vegas Baby! Awesome!
Everybody Loves Vegas Baby!

Event Sponsor
Microsoft Live Search

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