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WebmasterWorld's PubConference History

It's that old the whole is greater than the sum of its parts thing all over again. PubConferences work because of one desire: to meet the folks you've read and heard about in forums and online news stories. The roots of PubConference stretch back into the late 80's when we held user group meetings around the then-called Power Elite BBS. Over the years, we have transformed and modernized the event to service the needs of the community and reflect worldwide changes.

Conference 8: New Orleans 2005

The New Orleans conference was held at the Park Plaza in downtown New Orleans. Keynote was by the noted Search Guru John Batelle. Our highest number of sessions ever. A special "meet the engineers" night time session by Google was a smash hit. A large exhibit hall with over 50 companies involved. PubCon was held at the world famous Pat O'briens on Bourbon street.

Conference 7: Las Vegas 2004

PubCon 7 was our first conference in a convention center. With 72 speakers over 25 sessions - 30+ exhibitor booths - Lucky #7 was a huge success. 1200 attendees - a mega party by Yahoo - PubCon was at NineFineIrishmen - Google launched their AdWords program for marketers - MSN Search Hit the Floor - a most excellent time was had by all!

PubConference 6.5 : London 2004

Our London gig this time was a simple day meeting at The Cittie of York Pub in down town London. This event was a last minute affair, but still featured over 350 attendees.

PubConference VI : Orlando 2004

Nearly 1000 people attended our two-day conference in Orlando. Andy Borland of ClickZ founder fame kicked us off with a keynote. The show had over 30 information-packed sessions with more than 40 speakers, and the exhibit hall housed 30 event exhibitors and sponsors. Following tradition, we finished the conference at Kate O'Briens Pub in downtown Orlando.

PubConference V : London 2003

PubConference V was held in London in September of 2003 once again in the Cittie of York Pub. The London weather was uncharacteristically sunny and warm, and the Cittie of York threw open its courtyard doors and sent webmasters spilling outside for fresh air and more conversation. The pub exceeded capacity, with nearly 300 attendees from all over the world packed tightly in a frenzy of business deals and networking conversations.

PubConference IV : Boston 2003

Boston PubConf IV was our first true conference-format event, featuring sessions with all the major search engines. Over 300 people attended the one-day event in Boston, held at the historic downtown Wyndam hotel. Of course, the conference followed up with an eagerly-anticipated afternoon of networking and socializing at a downtown pub.

PubConference III : London 2002

In October, we all loaded up and headed to London again. People flew in from 21 countries to be there. Nearly 300 webmasters enjoyed good food and friendship. PubConference III was mentioned in several large online news outlets, from SearchEngineWatch to TheRegister.co.uk. There were also some special guests of note including Per and Susanne Koch of Pandia.com and the venerable Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch. The networking and camaraderie spread well beyond the walls of the Cittie of Yorke. The hotel lobby/bar was bustling nearly all hours of the day and several groups of newfound friends would routinely break off for tours of London. PubConference 2002 was simply the latest in a string of successful marketing and networking events promoted by WebmasterWorld. The conference was sponsored by Fast/AllTheWeb, Google, PositionTech, Inktomi, Espotting, Yahoo, GoToast, and SearchEngineCommando.

PubConference II : Irvine 2002

After the huge success of the first PubConference, it wasn't long before WebmasterWorld members in North America began clamoring for their own version of the conference. Held in Irvine California on February 23, 2002 at the Crazy Horse Lounge, the conference was sponsored by Fast/AllTheWeb, PositionTech, Overture, Inktomi, and TopDog Software.

PubConference I : London 2000

Over 125 WebmasterWorld members showed up at the Cittie of Yorke Pub in London. It was a day spent socializing and discussing search engines in an open but smoke-filled atmosphere of a 600 year-old English pub. Everyone who was there was completely thrilled with the outcome. The generosity of sponsors such as FAST (AllTheWeb), Overture UK, BT Looksmart and TopDog Software was warmly welcomed by all in attendance.

PubConference The Early Early Years

PubCon's roots run far deeper than the web. These really started back in the 80's with the BBS crowd. Sysops would often have meet-n-greets at user group meetings. We had many of them when I lived in Denver running a single line BBS on my commodore 64.

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