PubCon Las Vegas 2012

Location: Salon:H


Monday October 15


PubCon Masters Group Training and Workshop 8:30-5:00 Monday



Conference Registration Open



PubCon Kickoff Classic and Networking Reception sponsored by:



Tuesday October 16


Registration Open For Platinum and Gold Pass attendees



Conference Introduction by Brett Tabke


Kickoff Keynote with Robert Cialdini



Social Media Signals that Influence Search

    Marcus Tober, Rob Garner, Carolyn Shelby

Reputation Management: Focus on Google

    Andy Beal

Proactive Reputation Management

    Tony Wright

Twitter – The Latest Topics and Trends

    Dan Zarrella, Krista Neher, Warren Whitlock

– Moderator:Mark Barrera

National and International Companies With Local Focus

    Ben Douglas, Melanie Mitchell, Matt Marko

– Moderator:Michael Bonfils

Affiliate-Based SEO and PPC Issues

    Charles Calabrese, David Naffziger

– Moderator:Jim Banks

Mobile Search & Marketing

    Prashant Puri, John Busby

– Moderator:Elmer Boutin

Local Search Rankings

    Michael Dorausch, Kristopher Jones, Kenny Hyder

– Moderator:Arnie Kuenn

Legal Issues of Domain Names and Trademarks

    Deborah Wilcox, Jeffrey Libert

– Moderator:Joe Laratro

Interactive Site Reviews: Open Call

    Craig Paddock, Dawn Wentzell, Robert Charlton, Michael King

– Moderator:Adam Proehl


SEO: Hot Topics and Trends

    Stephan Spencer, Jessica L Bowman, Calum I Mac Leod

Seven Must Have Elements for E-commerce Product Pages

    Bryan Eisenberg

Optimizing Non-E-commerce Product Pages

    Jeffrey Eisenberg

Reputation Management: Monitoring Your Brand Online

    Rhea Drysdale, Krista Neher, Arienne Holland, Melyssa St.Michael

– Moderator:Richard Zwicky

In-House SEO Training and Analytics

    Matthew Brown, Simon Heseltine, Derrick Wheeler, Laura Callow

– Moderator:Melanie Mitchell

Maximizing Your Affiliate Payouts

    David Vogelpohl, Keith Posehn, Jim Banks

– Moderator:Lisa Riolo

Split and Multi Variant Testing for Conversion Optimization

    Tim Mayer, Khalid Saleh, Erin Levzow

– Moderator:Roger Dooley

Google Places & Maps Optimization

    Brian Combs, Will Scott, Mary Bowling

– Moderator:Andy Beal

What Every Webmaster Should Know about Code Installation

    Ralf Schwoebel, Jerry West, Todd Keup, Frank Bauer

– Moderator:Brian Ussery

Interactive Site Reviews: Focus on Affiliates

    David Naffziger, Chris Kramer

– Moderator:Charles Calabrese


Special Luncheon With Matt Cutts For All Gold and Platinum Pass Attendees

    Matt Cutts


Universal and Personal Search Optimization

    Brian Combs, Michael Marshall, Aaron Friedman

– Moderator:Scott Polk

Mine your Keyword Portfolio for Missed Opportunities

    Bill Hunt

Graywolf – SEO and Social Media

    Michael Gray

Twitter & Social Media from the PR Experts

    Jay Berkowitz, Lisa Buyer, Sarah Evans

– Moderator:Kate Buck

In-House SEO Strategies

    Ulli Muenker, Laura Lippay, Jeff Preston, Jessica L Bowman

– Moderator:Todd Malicoat

Starting Affiliate Programs That Deliver

    Paul Schroader, Adam Riemer, Robert Glazer

– Moderator:Wil Reynolds

Hardcore PPC Tactics

    Brad Geddes, John Ellis, David Szetela

– Moderator:Jennifer Evans Cario

Local Search and Mobile Optimization

    Michael Dorausch, Eric Bramlett, Scott Hendison

– Moderator:Jerry West

Developing Audience Personas for SEO

    Dana Lookadoo, Melyssa St.Michael, Michael King

– Moderator:Sarah Carling

Interactive Site Reviews: Open Call

    Jake Baillie, Christine Churchill, Brian MacDonald, Anne Kennedy

– Moderator:Kristopher Jones


Multimedia SEO

    Giovanni Gallucci, Chase Norlin, Aaron Kronis

– Moderator:Robert Riggs

Cool Tools for Search Marketers

    Christine Churchill

Social Signals In Search

    Eric Enge

The Intersection of Social Media and Search

    Laura Lippay, Krista Neher, Matt Heindl

– Moderator:Sean Jackson

In-House Team Building and Training

    Josh Gampel, Elmer Boutin, Peter Leshaw

– Moderator:Dave Roth

Affiliate Research, Surveys, and Case Studies

    Dixon Jones, Keith Posehn, Charles Calabrese

– Moderator:Joe Laratro

The Best Tactics in Landing Page Optimization

    Tim Ash, Janet Driscoll Miller

– Moderator:Carolyn Shelby

Local Tactics, Research, and Strategies

    Mike Ramsey, Chris Tolles, Selena Narayanasamy

– Moderator:Jake Baillie

CSS and HTML Coding 2012

    Dawn Wentzell, Todd Keup, Kim Frederiksen, Thomas Phinney

– Moderator:Ralf Schwoebel

Interactive Site Reviews: Focus on In-House SEO

    Simon Heseltine, Derrick Wheeler, Ben Douglas

– Moderator:Melanie Mitchell


Keyword Research and Selection

    Craig Paddock, Mark Barrera, Wil Reynolds

– Moderator:Laura Roth

Science of Inbound Marketing

    Dan Zarrella

The Psychology of Facebook Conversion

    Jabez LeBret

Conversion in a Social World

    Tim Ash

Social Conversion

    Katrina Klier

In-House SEO – Tools and Processes

    Alex Volk, Brian McDowell, Motoko Hunt

– Moderator:Allison Fabella

Essentials Overlooked by 90% of Affiliate Managers

    Jerry West, Lisa Riolo, Elisabeth Archambault

– Moderator:Mark Knowles

Enterprise Level Bid Management

    Dave Roth, Brad Geddes, Kevin Lee

– Moderator:Tony Wright

Enterprise Level Local Search

    Brian MacDonald, Gib Olander, Conrad Saam

– Moderator:Rob Garner

Design, Content, and Marketing For A Mobile Website

    Kristine Schachinger, Michael Martin, Keith Posehn

– Moderator:Chris Tolles

Interactive Site Reviews: Focus on Organic

    Calum I Mac Leod, David Vogelpohl, Gil Reich, Frank Bauer

– Moderator:Joe Laratro


Wednesday October 17


Registration Open for Full Pass Attendees



Daily Introduction by Brett Tabke


Keynote With Path’s Shakil Khan

    Shakil Khan


Registration open for Exhibit Hall Pass Attendees


Exhibit Hall Opens


Global Search Strategy

    Bill Hunt, Michael Bonfils, Chris Moore, Anne Kennedy

– Moderator:Daniel Boberg

Social Signals in Search

    John Ellis

Leveraging Pinterest as a Marketing Channel

    Jennifer Evans Cario

The Convergence of Social Media & Search

    Bill Hartzer, Rebecca Murtagh, David Wallace

– Moderator:Ken Jurina

In-house SEO Compensation Packages

    Peter Leshaw, Josh Gampel

– Moderator:Jeff Preston

Affiliate Sign Up, Pay Out and Conversion Rates

    Paul Schroader, Elisabeth Archambault, Chris Kramer

– Moderator:Eric Bramlett

Getting the Most out of Your SEO Agencies

    Ash Nallawalla, Shahid Awan, Ruth Burr

– Moderator:Chris Goward

Facebook Marketing

    Aaron Friedman, Alison Zarrella

– Moderator:Amanda Watlington

Content Strategy

    Phillip Thune, Dan Sturdivant, Loren Baker, Robert Riggs

– Moderator:Rhea Drysdale

Interactive Site Reviews: Focus Brand & Reputation Management

    Dwight Zahringer, Tony Wright, Katelyn Salyers, Matt Craine

– Moderator:Joe Laratro


Algo Proofing – Sustainable SEO

    Ryan Jones, Eric Enge, Scott Polk

– Moderator:Aaron Shear

21 Biggest Google AdWords Mistakes

    Mona Elesseily

Making AdWords Display Network Profitable for You

    Brad Geddes


    Monica Wright, Rob Garner, Justin Sanger

– Moderator:Joe Laratro

Modern Marketing Plan Start To Finish

    Tony Wright, Dan Sturdivant, Laura Callow, Lisa Riolo

– Moderator:Peter Leshaw

Finding & Engaging your Brand Influencers

    Adam Proehl, Robert Glazer, Chuck Hamrick

– Moderator:Ruth Burr

Keyword Research, Selection and Optimization

    Amanda Watlington, Ken Jurina, Marty Weintraub

– Moderator:Michael Dorausch

Social Media Optimization & Conversion on Facebook

    Kevin Scholl, Kate Buck

– Moderator:Alison Zarrella

Outreach and Relationship Building

    Kelsey Libert, Loren Baker, Melyssa St.Michael, Jabez LeBret

– Moderator:Matt Craine

Interactive Site Reviews: Focus on Organic

    Wil Reynolds, Bill Hartzer, Michael Marshall

– Moderator:Craig Paddock


Lunch served for all Gold and Platinum Pass Attendees


A/B and Multivariate Testing

    John Marshall, Tim Mayer, Chris Goward, Jason Cooper

– Moderator:Joe Laratro

SEO 2012 with Greg Boser

    Greg Boser

Successful MEGA SEO Framework for Any Organization

    Derrick Wheeler

Integrating Social Media Into an Overall Marketing Plan

    Kirsten Wright, Rebecca Murtagh, Chris Zaharias

– Moderator:Warren Whitlock

Hosting Issues and SEO/SEM

    David Vogelpohl, Scott Hendison, Josh Ward, Michael David

– Moderator:Bill Hartzer

Link Building for Affiliates

    Roger Montti, Scott Polk, Chuck Hamrick

– Moderator:Adam Sussman

Effective Search and Display Advertising Campaigns

    David Szetela, Michael Black

– Moderator:Kevin Lee

Facebook Marketing

    Dennis Yu, Brian Ussery, Eric Ludwig

– Moderator:Nate Griffin

Whats Up at Bing?

    Duane Forrester

Interactive Site Reviews: Open Call

    Prashant Puri, Ethan Giffin, Ash Nallawalla, George Aspland

– Moderator:Carolyn Shelby


Google’s Author Tag: The Biggest Signal Since Links?

    Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jim Boykin, Brian Clark

– Moderator:Tony Wright

Ten Different Kinds of Search

    Jay Berkowitz

Disaster Recovery and Worst-Case Scenario Planning

    Carolyn Shelby

Social Media, Press Relations, & Brand Management

    Sarah Carling, Giovanni Gallucci, David Mink, Guillaume Bouchard

– Moderator:Kirsten Wright

E-commerce Marketing Strategies

    Phil Leahy, Aaron Shear

– Moderator:Matt Tuens

Recent Regulatory and Legal Developments

    Sarah deDiego

– Moderator:Jim Banks

Coupons, Deals, and Vouchers are Now Cool

    Steve Schaffer

Post Mortem – Banned Site Forensics

    Michael Marshall, Michael Gray

– Moderator:Brian McDowell

Facebook Today

    Dennis Yu, Marty Weintraub

– Moderator:Jabez LeBret

Advanced Relationship Building for Links

    Roger Montti, David Klein, Ruth Burr

– Moderator:Dawn Wentzell

Interactive Site Reviews: Focus on Links

    Kenny Hyder, Todd Malicoat, Greg Boser, Scott Polk

– Moderator:Todd Keup


Google Update Zoo : Panda – Penguin

    Gil Reich, Bill Hartzer, Jerry West, Calum I Mac Leod

– Moderator:Ryan Jones

SEO and Social Reporting – Transforming Your Business with Actionable Insights

    Daniel Boberg

The SEO Diet

    Joe Laratro

Brand and Reputation Management Strategies

    Dwight Zahringer, Alan Bleiweiss, John Busby

– Moderator:David Wallace

SEO For E-Commerce Sites

    Gregg Banse, Ethan Giffin, Khalid Saleh

– Moderator:Pat Strader

Lead Gen

    Chris Zaharias, Dan Sturdivant, Adam Proehl

– Moderator:Paul Schroader

PPC Campaigns – Launching and Running

    Shawn Livengood, Kevin Lee, Jeff Lancaster, Mona Elesseily

– Moderator:Ben Cook

Facebook Advertising

    Dennis Yu, Jay Berkowitz, Jamie Smith

– Moderator:David Szetela

LinkedIn Marketing and Organic Visibility

    Jabez LeBret, George Aspland, Sean Jackson

– Moderator:Lisa Buyer

Interactive Site Reviews: Focus – Social Media

    Eric Ludwig, David Mink, Kevin Scholl

– Moderator:Jon Henshaw


Thursday October 18


Registration Open 8:00a-2:00p



Daily Introduction by Brett Tabke


Morning Keynote

    Doc Searls


Expo Hall Opens



Real World Low-Risk High-Reward Link Building

    Russ Jones, Dixon Jones, Greg Hartnett, David Klein

– Moderator:Adam Sussman

Neuromarketing – One of the Hottest Topics in Marketing

    Roger Dooley

SEO Fundamentals – Rock Solid Basics

    Michael Black

Monetizing Twitter & Other Social Media Channels

    Kate Buck, Erin Levzow, David Szetela

– Moderator:Warren Whitlock

Engaging Your Community and Audience Through Contests

    Katelyn Salyers, Elmer Boutin, Matt Craine

– Moderator:Paul Edmondson

ROI: Convergence of Online Marketing and Analytics

    Chris Zaharias, Alan K’necht, Bonnie Stefanick

– Moderator:Aaron Kronis

How SMBs Can Use PR Campaigns to Grow Traffic

    Marty Weintraub, Lisa Buyer, Adam Riemer

– Moderator:Joe Laratro

The Content Engine

    Pat Strader, Alison Zarrella, Arnie Kuenn, Christina Zila

– Moderator:Dana Lookadoo

SEO Tools Update from blekko

    Daniel Swartz

– Moderator:Rich Skrenta

Interactive Site Reviews : Open Call

    Melissa Fach, Alan Bleiweiss, Kristy Bolsinger, Amanda Watlington

– Moderator:Kirsten Wright


Links With Maximum Juice and Minimum Risk

    Loren Baker, Arnie Kuenn, Kenny Hyder

– Moderator:Elisabeth Osmeloski

Content Worth Creating

    Jennifer Slegg

Social Collaboration

    Sarah Evans

Competitive Intelligence – Social Media Tools and Tactics

    Matt Siltala, Chris Winfield, Kristy Bolsinger

– Moderator:Joe Laratro

Community Building

    Sanjay Sabnani, Paul Edmondson, Gillian Muessig

– Moderator:Roger Dooley

Analytics API’s and Analytics Management

    Richard Zwicky, Nate Griffin, Ian Lurie, Vanessa Fox

– Moderator:Dan Zarrella

Optimizing Your Site for Contextual Ads

    Matt Tuens, Jon Henshaw, Sean Jackson

– Moderator:Ralf Schwoebel

WordPress SEO and Installation

    Carolyn Shelby, Ben Cook, Michael David

– Moderator:David Vogelpohl

Jim on Panda, Penguin, and Authors

    Jim Boykin

Interactive Site Review : Organic Focus

    Russ Jones, Alan K’necht, David Klein, Christina Zila

– Moderator:Michael Black


Networking Lunch For All Gold and Platinum Pass Attendees


Proactive Link Campaign Tactics

    Todd Malicoat, David Wallace, Joe Hall

– Moderator:Matt Siltala

Stop Killing Your Content – The Content Life Cycle Explained

    David Snyder

Discovering the Trade Secrets of your Competitors

    Sean Malseed

Online Brand Management Strategies

    Kenny Hyder, Mel Carson, David Naffziger

– Moderator:Christine Churchill

Social Media Automation Tools

    Jonathan Allen, Justin Sanger, Dawn Wentzell

– Moderator:Scott Brinker

Social Media Measurement and Signals

    Sarah Carling, Adam Proehl

– Moderator:Kristine Schachinger

Protecting Your Brand – Competitive Intel

    Amanda Watlington, Rhea Drysdale, Brian McDowell, Sarah deDiego

– Moderator:Brian Combs

Blog Planning and Execution

    Melissa Fach, Jennifer Slegg, Loren Baker

– Moderator:Janet Driscoll Miller

Raven Internet Marketing Tools

    Jon Henshaw

Interactive Site Reviews – Organic Issues

    Guillaume Bouchard, Bonnie Stefanick, Greg Hartnett, Ryan Jones

– Moderator:Elisabeth Osmeloski



    Jon Henshaw, Christine Churchill, Ben Cook

– Moderator:Scott Hendison

Link Building in a Penguin Age

    Jim Boykin

What About B2B?

    William Leake

Twittersphere Customer Service Strategies

    Frank Eliason, Erin Robinson, Mel Carson

– Moderator:Dan Zarrella

UGC: Bringing High Quality to Community-Generated Content

    Gil Reich, Roger Dooley

– Moderator:Michael Martin

Post Click Marketing: Landing Page Optimization

    Chris Goward, Janet Driscoll Miller, Scott Brinker

– Moderator:Michael Gray

Future of Personal Computers and Online Marketing

    David Szetela, Brett Tabke

Monetizing and Optimizing your Blog

    Adam Riemer, Michael David, Stephan Spencer

– Moderator:Josh Ward

Link building: Using MajesticSEO

    Dixon Jones

Interactive Site Reviews : Focus on Organic

    Rich Skrenta, Duane Forrester, Chris Winfield, Matt Siltala

– Moderator:Kristine Schachinger

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