The Importance of Creating a Holistic Internet Marketing Strategy

Pubcon video content producer Vanessa Zamora sat down with Kerstin Baker-Ash, head of Performics Canada to talk about creating a holistic marketing strategy in this Pubcon Las Vegas 2011 video interview. Instead of just creating an effective Internet marketing strategy, Baker-Ash suggested creating an effective holistic marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness. No longer can we sit in silos where all forms of digital marketing are separate, Baker-Ash said. There needs to be continuity in what a consumer sees in print advertising and online, noted Baker-Ash. The most important thing is to have all players at the table in the planning process, so that it’s not a digital planner and a traditional planner working separately, but someone who is a hybrid of both and who really gets the space and where its going, Baker-Ash suggested. The disconnect, and why this is not currently happening across all organizations comes from shifting priorities, Baker-Ash noted, adding that we all get the commercial reality of getting the most bang for our buck, but at the same time we need strategy that will make sense from the clients’ point of view. A lot of agencies sit alone – digital or traditional – Baker-Ash said, but even if you have multiple agencies working on different components of your marketing plan, those players need to be sitting at the same table working toward a common goal in order to be effective.

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The explosion in the social media space is something no one would have ever believed if claimed five years ago, according to Baker-Ash. We are so integrated with everything social, starting from the moment we first wake up in the morning to check our Twitter feed, Baker-Ash said, yet we are nearly to the point of understanding what social can do for business. We are just at the cusp of balance between getting your brand out there and having something to talk about in terms of a conversationalist point of view, Baker-Ash noted.

Baker Ash, who spoke on the “Effective Search and Display Advertising Campaigns” panel, said her speech also covered the topic of having an integrated holistic marketing campaign. You have to work in tandem, Baker-Ash emphasized. If you are doing a pre-roll on YouTube, you should be able to underscore that with overlay ads containing text from search that match the search because YouTube is the second largest search engine, Baker-Ash suggested. Forming an effective search strategy and matching it with your display advertising is also important, Baker-Ash noted. At the same time, it’s really important to take content from a page on your website or wherever that content is being pushed on the Web and effectively match display advertising with that so it’s a continuous journey for the user from awareness to purchase or consideration or whatever the case may be, Baker-Ash concluded.