PubCon Speaker Bios

Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 Speaker Biographies

Kevin Adams
 Director of SEM
 Wright IMC
Tim Ash
George Aspland
 Founder & President
 eVision, LLC
Shahid Awan
 Global Head of SEO
Jay Baer
 Convince and Convert
Jake Baillie
 General Manager
 Urban Mapping
Loren Baker
 VP of Business Development
 Foundation Digital
Jim Banks
 Global Head of Biddable Media
Jennifer Barbee
 Founder and CEO
 Jennifer Barbee Inc.
Mark Barrera
 Chief Search Officer / Partner
Chris Bennett
 97th Floor
Kendall Bird
 Online Community Specialist – Brand Loyalty
 Collegis Education
Marc Bitanga
 Manager, Customer Acquisition
Michael Black
 SEOMike Consulting
Alan Bleiweiss
 Forensic SEO Consultant
 Alan Bleiweiss Consulting
Chris Boggs
 Chief Operating and Marketing Officer
 Internet Marketing Ninjas
Jake Bohall
 VP of Marketing
 Virante, Inc.
Michael Bonfils
 Managing Partner
 International Media Management, Corp.
Greg Boser
 President & Co-founder
 Foundation Digital, LLC
Elmer Boutin
 Associate Director, Search Strategy
Mary Bowling
 Owner/SEO Consultant
 Ignitor Digital
Jim Boykin
 Founder & CEO
 Internet Marketing Ninjas
John Busby
 SVP, Marchex Institute (Analytics)
Lisa Buyer
 The Buyer Group
Charles Calabrese
 Vice President
 Performance Horizon Group, Inc.
Jason Calacanis
 Founder & CEO
Linda Caplinger
 Global Lead – Search Marketing
Jennifer Cario
 SugarSpun Marketing
Mel Carson
 Brand Ambassador
 Majestic SEO
Christine Churchill
Bruce Clay
 Bruce Clay, Inc.
Daryl Colwell
 Senior Vice President
 Matomy Media Group
Brian Combs
 ionadas local LLC
Ben Cook
 Director of Organic Channels
 Evolve Digital Labs
Maria Corcoran
 WW Search Marketing Program Manager
Matt Craine
 Owner and President
Brent Csutoras
 Social Media Strategist
 Kairay Media
Matt Cullen
 Director of SEO
Mark Daoust
 Founder & CEO
 Quiet Light Brokerage
Stoney deGeyter
 Pole Position Marketing
Sean Dolan
 President & COO
Michael Dorausch
 President & Founder
 Planet Chiropractic
Rhea Drysdale
 Outspoken Media
Mona Elesseily
 Vice President of Online Marketing Strategy
 Page Zero Media
Eric Enge
 Stone Temple Consulting Corporation
Kate Evans
 Your Social Status
Melissa Fach
 Associate at Moz / Consultant
 SEO Aware
Pierre Far
 Webmaster Trends Analyst
 Google UK
Lena Flanigan
 Digital Marketing Manager
 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Steve Floyd
 CEO / Founder
Duane Forrester
 Sr. Product Manager – Bing Webmaster Tools
Rob Fuggetta
 Founder and CEO
Rob Garner
 Chief Strategy Officer
 Advice Interactive Group
Brad Geddes
 Certified Knowledge
Ethan Giffin
 CEO & Founder
 Groove Commerce
Greg Gifford
 Director of Search and Social
Chris Goward
 WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization
Mike Grehan
 CMO & Managing Director
Michael Griffin
 CEO an founder
Joe Grusman
 Search Engine Marketing/Emerging Platforms Lead
 Zappos Technology
Jenny Halasz
 JLH Marketing
Cory Haldeman
 Associate Director of SEO & Content Strategy
 Verizon Wireless
Steve Hammer
Chuck Hamrick
 Outsourced Program Manager
Greg Hartnett
 Best of The Web
Bill Hartzer
 Senior SEO Strategist
 Globe Runner
Marie Haynes
 HIS Web Marketing
Truman Hedding
 VP of Marketing
 Showroom Logic
Scott Hendison
 CEO & President
 Search Commander, Inc.
Simon Heseltine
 Senior Director – Audience Development
 AOL Inc.
Carrie Hill
 Co-Founder, SEO Strategist
 Ignitor Digital
Eric Holmen
Mark Homer
 Get Noticed Get Found, Inc.
Alex Houg
 Vice President of Optimization
Gareth Hoyle
 Co Founder / CEO
 LinkRisk / Marketing Signals
Bill Hunt
 Back Azimuth Consulting
Motoko Hunt
 President, Search Marketing Consultant
Kenton Hutcherson
 Hutcherson Law
Kenny Hyder
 Hyder Media
Sean Jackson
 Founding Partner
 Copyblogger Media
Debra Jasper
 Mindset Digital
Cynthia Johnson
 Director of Social Media Marketing
 Ranklab Interactive
Dixon Jones
 Marketing Director
 Majestic SEO
Kelsey Jones
 Managing Editor
 Search Engine Journal
Kristopher Jones
 Internet Marketing Ninjas
Russ Jones
 Chief Technology Officer
 Virante, Inc.
Ryan Jones
 Manager – Search Strategy & Analytics
Jordan Kasteler
 Senior SEO Manager
 Red Door Interactive
Ira Kates
 Account Supervisor – Maxus Search
 Maxus Canada
Katy Katz
 Inbound Marketing Specialist
 Collegis Education
Anne Kennedy
 Outlines Venture Group
Larry Kim
 Founder & CTO
 WordStream, Inc.
Michael King
 Digital Marketing Consultant
David Klein
 Purpose Inc
Chris Kramer
 Founding Partner
 Affiliate Benchmarks / NetX
Aaron Kronis
 SEO Expert Consultant
 Stamina Records / SEO Engine
Cindy Krum
 CEO & Founder
Jeanine Krzyzanowski
 Director of Link Building Strategy
Arnie Kuenn
 Vertical Measures
Brian LaFrance
 Marketing Director
Joe Laratro
 Tandem Interactive
Katie Lawler
 Senior Measurement & Optimization Specialist
 Barefoot Proximity
John Lawson
 ColderICE Media
William Leake
 Apogee Results
Jabez LeBret
 Chief Innovation Officer
 Get Noticed Get Found
Chuo-Han Lee
 Head of SEO
Dave Lloyd
 Sr. Manager, Global Search Marketing
James Loomstein
 Founder & CEO
 Digital Space Consulting
Casey Markee
 Head of Online Support/ Lead SEO Consultant
Michael Martin
 SEO Manager
Tim Mayer
 Chief Marketing Officer
Allison McGuire
 Director of Marketing
Debbie Miller
 Social Hospitality
Lindsay Mineo
 Senior Search Specialist
Kate Morris
 Principal Consultant
Chuck Mullins
Ted Murphy
 Founder , CEO and Chairman
Rebecca Murtagh
 Chief Strategist / President
 Karner Blue Marketing LLC
Selena Narayanasamy
Krista Neher
Murray Newlands
Craig Paddock
 Managing Partner
 Boost Search Marketing
Krisztian Panczel
 Managing Director
 Supercell Media Pty Ltd
Marc Poirier
 Founder and EVP
Adam Proehl
 Managing Partner
 NordicClick Interactive
Prashant Puri
Jock Purtle
Lisa Raehsler
 Founder, SEM Strategist
 Big Click Co
John Rampton
 Editor at Large
 Search Engine journal
Mike Ramsey
 Nifty Marketing
Anthony Robinson
 Head of Search & Social
 Auto Trader UK
Erin Robinson
 Senior Communications Manager
Dave Rohrer
 Sr. SEO Strategist
Dave Roth
 Vice President, Marketing
 Move, Inc.
Paul Ryazanov
 Director of business development
Erin Sagin
 Customer Success Manager
Penny Sansevieri
 Author Marketing Experts, Inc.
Brook Schaaf
 Schaaf -PartnerCentric
Kristine Schachinger
Paul Schroader
 PS Web Solutions
Ralf Schwoebel
 Founder & CEO
 Tradebit Inc.
Pete Sheinbaum
 Founder & CEO
 LinkSmart, Inc.
Carolyn Shelby
 Director of SEO
 Tribune Company
John Sherman
 Search & Findability Manager
 Red Hat
Matt Siltala
 Avalaunch Media
Ajit Sivadasan
 VP/GM Global eCommerce
Bill Slawski
 Director of Search Marketing
 Go Fish Digital
Jennifer Slegg
Ann Smarty
 Community and Branding Manager
 Internet Marketing Ninjas
Stephan Spencer
 Science of SEO
Jason Spievak
Mike Stewart
 Founder / Chief Strategic Officer
Dan Sturdivant
 Senior Account Manager
David Szetela
 Owner and CEO
 FMB Media
Brett Tabke
 Pubcon Inc.
Phillip Thune
 CEO Americas
 Textbroker International
Marcus Tober
 President / CTO
 Searchmetrics Inc.
Mark Traphagen
 Senior Director of Online Marketing
 Stone Temple Consulting
Jose Truchado
 Director of SEO and Global Operations
Brian Ussery
 CEO & SEO Consultant
 beussery LLC
Jennifer VanIderstyne
 VP Client Services
 Internet Marketing Ninjas
Jenneva Vargas
 Engagement Specialist
 BeautyArmy, Inc.
Purna Virji
 Director of Communications
 Petplan Pet Insurance
David Vogelpohl
 Founder & CEO
 Marketing Clique
Alex Volk
 Search Marketing Director
Tim Wagner
 Vice President
Wister Walcott
 Co-Founder & VP of Products
 Marin Software
David Wallace
Ashley Ward
 Social Media Specialist
 Semplicita Marketing
Mindy Weinstein
 SEO Manager & Trainer
 Bruce Clay Inc.
Marty Weintraub
Derrick Wheeler
 Senior Search Engine Optmization Architect
Warren Whitlock
 Growth Hacker
 Carbon Digits
Rob Woods
 Independent Consultant
 Rob Woods Consulting
Katherine Wright
 iMamarazzi Studios
Tony Wright
Cindy Yerkie
 Global SEO Manager
 Hewlett Packard
Joe Youngblood
 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Dennis Yu
 Chief Technology Officer
Dwight Zahringer
 Trademark Productions /

Past Conference Speakers

Past Keynote Speakers

Dr. Robert Cialdini
(Bestselling “Influence Author)
Las Vegas 2012

Doc Searls
(Pioneering Digital Marketer)
Las Vegas 2012

Shakil Khan
(Head of Special Projects: Spotify)
Las Vegas 2012

Terry Jones
(Travelocity Founder, Kayak Chairman)
Hawaii 2011

David Pogue
(Technology Writer, New York Times)
Las Vegas 2010

Tony Hsieh
(CEO, Zappos)
Las Vegas 2009

Bob Brisco
(CEO, Internet Brands)
Las Vegas 2009

Satya Nadella
(Senior VP, Search and Advertising Group: Microsoft)
Las Vegas 2008

George Wright
(Will It Blend
VP Marketing & Sales: Blendec)

Las Vegas 2008

Shawn Rorick
(Director of Marketing: Cirque de Soleil)
Las Vegas 2008

Craig Newmark
(Founder: Craigs List)
Las Vegas 2007

Richard Rosenblatt
(Co-Founder, Chairman Demand Media)
Las Vegas 2007

Malcolm Gladwell
(Author: Tipping Point)
Boston 2006

Guy Kawasaki
(Managing Director
Garage Technology Ventures)

Las Vegas 2006

Philip Kaplan
(Co-Founder: AdBrite)
New Orleans 2005

John Battelle
(Founder: Federated Media Publishing)
Las Vegas 2006
New Orleans 2005

Jon Von Tetzchner
(Founder: Opera Software)
Las Vegas 2006

Danny Sullivan
(Editor SearchEngineLand)
Las Vegas 2006

Robert X. Cringely
(PBS Online, The Pulpit)
Las Vegas 2005

Noel McMichael
(Founder: MarketLeap)
Las Vegas 2004

Andy Bourland
(Founder: ClickZ Network)
Orlando 2004

Tim Mayer
(Yahoo Search Marketing)

Austin 2011
Las Vegas 2010
Orlando 2004
New Orleans 2005

Matt Cutts
(Google Search Quality Control)
Las Vegas 2012
Las Vegas 2011
Austin 2009
Las Vegas 2008
Las Vegas 2007
Las Vegas 2005
Orlando 2004

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