SiteTuners Tim Ash Shares Insights on Tools for Conversion Testing

Summary and video interview by Vanessa Zamora

While at PubCon Las Vegas 2010, video content producer Vanessa Zamora caught up with Tim Ash, chief executive officer and founder at SiteTuners, who spoke on the “The Conversion Ninja Toolbox” spotlight panel, and who is also creator of the growing Conversion Conference series. Ash said the most amazing revelation from his experience in the conference space was discovering how much interest there is in the area of conversion on an International level, especially in Germany.

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Ash said in general people have evolved beyond asking themselves whether or not they should be testing and instead looking for the right tools to do so. Some of the tools available that Ash recommended are recording service ClickTale, Crazy Egg, SiteTuners visual predictive Attention Wizard, and User Testing. Traffic acquisition tactics are upstream traffic sources and Ash says it is an important aspect of the conversion process that differs depending on where the traffic originates.