Share The Secret Success Of PubCon Las Vegas 2010

There’s a largely undiscovered secret treasure trove of pure, hard-core ├╝ber-geek-approved Internet business, available this November 8 – 11 when the premier new media and optimization conference, PubCon Las Vegas 2010, takes place at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center.

PubCon originally began in 2000 as an informal gathering of early Web search engine optimizers and webmasters at a London pub, giving birth to the pub conference.

PubCon is organized and hosted by Austin, Texas-based, one of the Web’s oldest and most authoritative Web technology message forum communities, with roots dating back to the mid-1980s computer bulletin board systems.

Over the years PubCon shifted the meaning of its name to place less emphasis on the celebratory pub gathering experience and instead started billing itself as the more aptly named professional Web “publishing conference” it quickly became.

Despite the subtle change in the meaning of its name, PubCon has maintained the pub gathering tradition for more than a decade as a part of what are now some of the world’s most important new media conferences. For 2010 a PubCrawl has been added to the agenda.

Industry insiders, owners and chief executives, founders and corporate presidents join social media and search engine company engineers, programmers alongside marketing and affiliate program professionals from around the world to meet for a week at PubCon and explore the future of the Web and the people who use and expand it every day.

With more than 100 sessions and 200 speakers PubCon is the setting for the new media industry’s movers and shakers and up-and-coming technophiles alike to learn, advance new agendas, and perhaps most of all, to meet and network with the key people that don’t go to any conference but PubCon, making this conference opportunity, for now at least, one of the best-kept secrets for those creating the next Facebook, Google, FourSquare or Twitter.

PubCon has thousands of die-hard fans and dedicated who attend religiously year after year, to take part in a dose of Web knowledge and geekiness that is so potent and valuable many can scarcely believe more people don’t know about this unique event.

If you’ve been to a PubCon and know first-hand the magic that it always has on tap, don’t keep the secret to yourself, but help spread the word to your clients and associates and urge them to attend as well.

Together we can continue to expand and grow PubCon to levels only limited by the creativity and savvy of those who are driving today’s new media Web revolution.

Register today for PubCon Las Vegas 2010 and come join the world’s leading technology professionals for a week of unlimited and cutting-edge Web innovation.

Lane R. Ellis
Team PubCon