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 Pubcon SFIMA Summit 2014

  Thursday April 24

Salon A

Organic SEO
Salon B

Social Media Marketing
Salon C

SEM / Potpourri
07:20a Registration Open
07:30a Networking Contenintal Breakfast Round Table
08:00a 8:15a SFIMA 2014
08:15a 08:30a Marketing 2014 - Are you a Survivor?
Brett Tabke
08:35a 9:30a 2014 SEO Basics
Kathryn Parsons, Bill Hartzer

Rebecca Murtagh

Content Marketing for Social Media
Dave Rohrer, William Leake

Joe Laratro

Searchandizing 2014: Going Meta to Win Zero Moment of Truth
Melyssa St.Michael
09:35a 10:30 Content Marketing is the new Link Building
Brent Csutoras, Steve Floyd

Joe Laratro

Facebook and Twitter Marketing: Community Building and Engagement
Lisa Buyer, Kate Evans

Peter Leshaw

PPC Campaigns - Launching and Running
David Szetela
10:35a 11:30a Keynote: What you need to survive and thrive: the four pillars of Amazon's success
Jeffrey Eisenberg
11:30a 12:15p Is Web Traffic Decreasing? Make More of What You Get
Anna Talerico
Lead Generation from Social Media
Brent Csutoras, Melyssa St.Michael

Carolyn Shelby

Advanced PPC Tactics
Lisa Raehsler, Jo Stumpner

Matt Craine

01:00p 2:00p Wordpress Optimization and Blog Tactics
Stoney Degeyter, Carolyn Shelby

Brett Tabke

Visual Marketing: Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram
Kate Evans
Online Reputation Management and Online Fraud
Matt Craine, Shari Mcconahay

Lisa Buyer

2:05p 3:00p Local SEO - Small and Medium Business Focus
Victoria Edwards, John Busby

Joe Laratro

Growing Market Share by Winning Hearts and Minds - One Customer at a Time
Rebecca Murtagh
Playing the Long Game: Short-Term Conversions vs. Long-Term Value
Cassie Lancellotti-Young
3:05p 4:05p Tomorrow's SEO Today - Social Search and Beyond
Bill Hartzer, Mindy Weinstein

Joe Laratro

Crowdfunding and Kickstarter
William Leake, Jennifer Gooding
Behaviorial Persona Development: A Crash Course
Ania Rodriguez, John Busby

Shari McConahay

4:10p 5:00p Keynote - Google - Winning Moments that Matter
Matt Rogers
5:30p-whenever That's a Wrap: Cocktail Reception by SFIMA