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Perfecting Landing Pages, Part 2
Date Monday October 15
Time 3:00p 4:30p
Location Salon C
Format Standard Training Session;;1
Landing pages are a critical part of every marketer’s toolbox. In order to create highly effective landing pages, marketers must understand the 10 key elements in the anatomy of a landing page and the role they play as part of a greater conversion optimization framework. Conversion rate optimization pioneers and world renown experts Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg will teach you all about the anatomy of a landing page, a landing page framework and review the tools available. This is an advanced training based on practical experience optimizing thousands of landing pages for large B2B and B2C companies.<br>Do you know the critical issues that make people convert? Ultimately, it’s about more than just changing a color, or moving items around on your web pages. Bryan and Jeffrey will demonstrate proven methods that will make an impact and increase conversion rates.<br>You will learn:<p>o How to apply a simple but powerful framework to all your conversion optimization – The Conversion Trinity<p>o How to use testing to understand your customers’ motivation<p>o What motivates and influences people to convert and buy<p>o How to choose from three types of action pages<p>o What 9 variables to include in your landing page and the 5 dimensions to rate them<p>o How to get your customers’ attention, keep them engage and get them to take action<p>o How 30 key optimization factors broken into four main categories you can use to optimize your landing pages.<p>o How to select the tools that are appropriate for each task involved in optimizing landing pages<br>

Jeffrey Eisenberg

Jeffrey Eisenberg,

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