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What About B2B?
Date Thursday October 18
Time 3:10p 4:15p
Location Salon B
Format Spotlight
So pretty much EVERY OTHER session here is mostly focused on B2C. Those of us who do copious work in the B2B space realize that online B2B Marketing has some complexities and nuances that often change the cast and character of our campaigns. Bill is the author of the recent Sybex / Wiley bestseller (w/ Lauren Vaccarello from & Maura Ginty) COMPLETE B2B Online Marketing, and will be spilling the beans from his multi-decades of experience bringing the online and business worlds together, from places like McKinsey & Co., early Dell Computer, and most recently 100′s of high growth VC-backed success stories. Bill has seen and done it all in B2B Online marketing, and will talk about how both PPC and SEO need to be considered differently w/in the B2B compass, and leave you with a solid list of tactics to try that you probably not have previously considered.

William Leake

William Leake,

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