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Jim on Panda, Penguin, and Authors
Date Thursday October 18
Time 11:30a 12:45p
Location Salon H
Format Standard Conference Session
Jim on Panda, Penguin, and Authors<p>Don’t miss this special session with Internet Marketing Ninjas’ CEO Jim Boykin for an in-depth look at Panda, Penguin, Authors and Links. This session will offer the latest information on Panda and Penguin updates, covering causes and solutions for affected sites. Even sites that haven’t been affected can learn how to strengthen and protect their sites from future updates. Jim will also cover the latest strategies for using trusted authors add essential trust value to your site<p><br>Link Building in a Penguin Age<p>Link Building has never been harder or more important than it is now. In a post-Penguin era of internet marketing everyone faces new challenges in link acquisition. Learn what to look for in unwanted links and discover the kinds of links that will stand the test of time and how to get them. Presenter Jim Boykin has been one of the foremost thought leaders in link building since 1999 and has watched link building evolve over the years. Get his most inside insights into what it takes to stay on the cutting edge of link building now and in the future.<br>

Jim Boykin

Jim Boykin,

Founder & CEO,
Internet Marketing Ninjas

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