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Advanced Relationship Building for Links
Date Wednesday October 17
Time 3:10p 4:15p
Location Salon H
Format Standard Conference Session
Blogger outreach is essential but it’s just the beginning. Graduate to the next level of relationship building by focusing on consumers. In the real world, sales follow when the marketing focuses on getting the consumer into the store. The same works on the Internet. Build links to your site by refocusing your relationship building toward the consumer, by expanding your outreach beyond publishing articles on blogs. Learn how to leverage non-link opportunities into traffic building links, how to use social media to build trust and connect with publishers; discover literally thousands of non-blog article publishing opportunities that will drive sales and links to your website.
Moderator Dawn Wentzell

Roger Montti

Roger Montti,

Founder and Owner,
David Klein

David Klein,

Purpose Inc
Ruth Burr

Ruth Burr,

Lead SEO,

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