Roger Dooley at PubCon Las Vegas Discusses Forums & Community

Summary by Lane R. Ellis

Video interview by Vanessa Zamora

At PubCon Las Vegas 2009 on November 9 – 13 WebmasterWorld video content producer Vanessa Zamora spoke with Roger B. Dooley, the vice president of digital marketing at Cincinnati-based education resource firm Hobsons U.S.

Dooley, co-founder of popular online college admissions community College Confidential, has been a frequent speaker at PubCon search and social media conferences on operating and marketing Web message forums.

During their interview Dooley told Zamora some of his strategies for getting people to visit online message forums, including driving traffic from other Web sites and from search engines.

Dooley, who spoke at three sessions and moderated two others during the most recent PubCon, shared with Zamora his advice for making forum visitors, especially new ones, feel comfortable and welcome.

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Dooley explained to Zamora some of the techniques he suggests forum administrators use when trying to keep a new message forum fresh and from appearing inactive.

During the PubCon interview Dooley spoke about the need to respond to forum messages quickly, and the increased importance online message forums are taking on with more people judging many types of businesses by the quality of their forums.

Dooley also shared some of his strategies for making message forums successful in the long run, such as increasing the chances for helpful press coverage through proper search engine optimization (SEO) methods.

Before concluding their interview, Dooley told Zamora how community forum operators can benefit from implementing certain social network sharing features such as Facebook Connect specifically targeting their message forum content.

Dooley, who has operated online consulting firm Dooley Direct LLC since 1995, also spoke with Zamora about using social media tools that can make it easier for some people to participate in online message forums.