In-House SEO/SEM Training


Topher Kohan SEO Coordinator

Allison Fabella Atlanta Journal-Constitution SEO/Social Media Manager

Melanie Mitchell Digitas SVP of Search Strategy

Derrick Wheeler Microsoft Senior SEO Architect

Our new in-house Pubcon Masters Group agenda features SEO coordinator Topher Kohan,

Microsoft's Derrick Wheeler

Atlanta Journal-Constitution SEO manager
Allison Fabella, Digitas senior vice president of search strategy Melanie Mitchell, and Microsoft senior SEO architect Derrick Wheeler.

The next Pubcon Masters Groups meets on Monday, October 15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the day before the full Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 conference begins. The Pubcon Masters group is a separate event from the conference and is only available to those who reserve a space and purchase a stand-alone training day pass or the Pubcon Platinum pass.

Kohan is the in-house SEO coordinator for and all of Turner Broadcasting’s news

CNN's Topher Kohan

properties, including CNN Money, CNN International and iReport, and oversaw’s single largest search traffic day during the 2008 United States presidential election. Kohan was also part of the hit in-house keynote panel during Pubcon’s last Las Vegas event.

Fabella knows search from both the agency and in-house sides, and directs all strategic and tactical SEO and social media initiatives for the southeast’s largest newspaper, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She is also a founding member of the Atlanta SEMPO and serves as its vice president of programming.

AJC's Allison Fabella

Mitchell, a popular Pubcon speaker who has overseen SEO and pay-per-click campaigns from both the in-house and agency perspectives, manages the Digitas Search Engine Marketing Knowledge Center, and is a former vice president of SEO and SEM at AOL.

Microsoft’s Wheeler is responsible for developing solutions that enable marketers and site managers to apply SEO best practices using best-in-class tools and a standardized approach, and has over a decade of experience in the Internet marketing industry.

Join these top in-house experts for the all-new in-house Pubcon Masters Group training program track and explore the unique challenges and opportunities that corporate SEO professionals from
CNN and other large firms face every day.


Digitas' Melanie Mitchell

Part 1: SEO Inside the Modern Media Machine at CNNTopher Kohan

Join Topher Kohan as he explores a variety of SEO techniques.

Part 2: How Microsoft Deploys SEO for Its Portfolio of Global SitesDerrick Wheeler

How do you move the organic search needle across 100 global markets and 40+ languages in a highly decentralized operating environment with multiple lines of business and product categories resulting in billions of Web pages including e-commerce, news, product information, support content for multiple releases, and user-generated content all using various content management systems and Web analytics platforms targeting many audiences including IT and developers, home users and consumers, office workers, gamers, etc.

Part 3: How to Manage In-House SEO with a Team of OneAllison Fabella

In a tight economy with shrinking budgets, it’s not uncommon that many companies large and small employ only one in-house SEO. While not impossible, it is a challenge and requires a specific skill set to manage effectively. Learn how to even the score when outnumbered and successfully manage an in-house SEO program solo.

Part 4: Successfully Implementing An SEO ProgramMelanie Mitchell

This session will go into detail discussing a proven six-point plan for
in-house SEO success:

  1. Creating a core search team
  2. Setting priorities, goals and incentives
  3. Providing training
  4. Setting internal standards
  5. Providing tools
  6. Measurement, tracking, and adjusting

Part 5: In-House Question and Answer SessionFaculty

A rare opportunity to have specific questions answered by our top in-house speakers in this rapid-fire Q&A session.


Pubcon Las Vegas

The Pubcon Masters Group training program is a popular exclusive add-on opportunity separate from the Pubcon conference, offering a full day of intensely focused and highly personal learning from leading in-house innovators. Sign up for the Pubcon Masters Group training program now.

Topher Kohan SEO Coordinator

Allison Fabella Atlanta Journal-Constitution SEO/Social Media Manager

Melanie Mitchell Digitas SVP of Search Strategy

Derrick Wheeler Microsoft Senior SEO Architect