SEO/SMO Training 2011


2011 PubCon Masters Group Training Program

For 2011 PubCon, the premier new media
and optimization conference, offers day-long two-track intensive
educational training programs taking
place during upcoming PubCon conferences.
Upcoming PubCon Masters
Group training program dates include:

The PubCon Las Vegas 2011 Masters Group
training program will take place on Monday, November 7, the day before
the full conference officially begins, at the Las Vegas Convention Center
south hall, with two simultaneous tracks of in-depth sessions led by
some of the industry's most respected search and social media professionals.

PubCon's training program will present two tracks of workshops. The
organic search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing track will cover
keyword and long-tail search targeting, link-building campaigns, bleeding-edge
on-the-page SEO strategies, and other search topics.

The social media marketing track will feature workshops on reputation
management, Twitter and Facebook optimization, social media landing
page conversion, and other social media subjects.

The PubCon search training program will feature in-depth sessions
led by some of the industry's most respected search professionals, with
the SEO track including
Michael Gray,
president of Atlas Web Service,
Carolyn Shelby,
principal at,
Joe Laratro,
president of Tandem Interactive, and occasionally WebmasterWorld founder and chief
executive Brett

The social media marketing track will feature Trackur chief executive
and Marketing Pilgrim founder
Andy Beal,'s
self-proclaimed viral marketing scientist
Dan Zarrella,
and Brian Massey,
from Conversion Sciences, who teaches businesses the science of turning
Web traffic into leads and sales. SEO faculty chair
Todd Malicoat and interactive copywriter and social media consultant Alison Zarrella will
also each be speaking on at least one track.

Due to the intimate nature of this training program, the size of
the classes will be limited. We encourage signing up early to assure
a spot for this valuable day-long series of search and social media
marketing workshops, as all previous PubCon Masters Group training programs
have sold out.

Two Tracks:

Search Optimization and Marketing

Media Optimization


SEO, Architecture and Content

and SEO Tools

Link Building

SEO: The Latest and Greatest Tactics

Audience Case Study and "Ask The Experts"

Media Reputation Management

and Facebook Optimization

Media Land Page Conversion


Search Optimization and Marketing

Organic search and SEO will be on tap in a track of sessions led
by Joe Laratro,
an experienced training professional and PubCon's lead moderator, who
has written and spoken extensively about SEO content. Todd Malicoat
will also be speaking in the SEO track.

Part 1 – Contemporary SEO, Architecture, and Content -
Carolyn Shelby

Lots of free qualified traffic does not come by default to a Web
site, rather it takes a well architecture, designed, and optimized one.
The path to success begins with the basics of Search Engine Optimization.
Carolyn Shelby brings back the basics so the fundamentals of search
and optimizing for search engines are understood. This session will
cover the basics of search, SEO on site: architecture, content, META
tags, linking, and SEO off site: link building and directory basics.

Part 2 – Keywords and SEO Tools - Joe Laratro

The building blocks for search are in place, now it is time to dive
deeper into the world of natural search engine optimization. Joe Laratro
begins with live real-world examples of keyword tools and webmaster
tools provided by the major search engines. Tools are good, but the
knowledge of how to use them and make informed decisions with them takes
it to another level. This session wraps up by focusing on natural and
organic search through local search and blogging.

Part 3 – Advanced Link Building - Todd

Link building is one of the pillars of modern SEO. The strategies
for success change on a regular basis and the links that count
today, may not count tomorrow. Todd dives deeply into advanced link
building that will make even the most experienced SEO professional
leave with new tactics and sites to get links from. This session
will demonstrate real-world tools for link research and acquisition

Part 4 – Advanced Competitive Inteligence -
Michael Gray

What can make me an SEO superstar? What are the latest and greatest
tactics? Michael Gray has the answer. Michael's experience is invaluable,
and this session will try to download as much of that knowledge as possible
to the class. This session will train you on the latest cutting-edge
SEO including: advanced link building, social media and search, tools
of the trade, and secret successful strategies that cannot even be hinted

Part 5 – Site Reviews and Q & A with the PubCon Masters

In the fast-paced interactive closing session your four speakers
will tag-team a volunteer from the audience and take them through an
accelerated version of the whole end-to-end process. After the mini
case study is completed, audience members will have their specific questions
answered in a rapid-fire Q&A session with the speakers.

SEO Topics Include:

    Keyword Targeting And Long Tail Targeting

    Advanced Link Building Campaigns To Increase Link Popularity

    Traditional On The Page SEO 2010

    Bleeding-Edge SEO

    Leveraging Twitter

Social Media Marketing

A track dedicated to social media and social media marketing, headed
up by some of the top innovators the industry has to offer.
Todd Malicoat will also be speaking in
the social media marketing track.

Part 1 – Google
Reputation Management -
Andy Beal

When you type the name of your company into Facebook, Twitter or
Google, do you like what you see? Does RipOff Report keep you awake
at night? Renowned online
reputation management expert Andy Beal will reveal the tactics he uses
to help his clients clean up their social media reputation by pushing
down negative results.

Part 2 – Twitter and Facebook Optimization -
Dan Zarrella

Social media marketing doesn't have to be black magic and soft-focus-unicorns-and-rainbows.
Science and real, hard data can get us beyond the same-old "engage in
the conversation" and "be authentic" advice. Learn what drives people
to share information and opinions online, and learn scientifically-proven
practices for spreading your content virally through social media. You'll
have plenty of time for Q&A with Dan Zarrella, social media and viral
marketing scientist and author of "The Social Media Marketing Book."

Part 3 – Facebook Marketing -
Alison Zarrella

Facebook may not be a new phenomenon, but the site is an
ever-changing and evolving marketing platform that brands of all
sizes can — and should — be taking advantage of to grow their
business and engage with their customers. This session will take you
through Facebook optimization, content creation, customer
engagement, brand management and more. Learn best practices for
managing and monitoring your page, as well as free tools and tips
for posting content. We’ll discuss how to build contagious
engagement for your brand on Facebook and look at how to build a
content calendar for maximum efficiency. Finally, we’ll cover the
recent changes to Facebook from the user’s perspective, what this
means for brands, and how to target fans.

Part 4 – Social Media Conversion - Brian Massey

What is your social media conversion rate? This workshop will examine
techniques for measuring conversions that happen throughout the pre-purchase
and post-purchase funnel as you build social media momentum.

The workshop will explore content-oriented social media to gain specific
insights for increasing the effectiveness in social campaigns and all
of your marketing efforts.

We will examine social media landing pages such as blogs, forums and
Facebook pages to gauge our social media success.

The workshop will include strategies to integrate and overlay information
that currently must be gathered from traditional tools, such as Google
Analytics, as well as social media monitoring and measurement tools.

E-mail's make-or-break role in social marketing will also be covered.

Finally, we will explore how to communicate social media results in
a way that helps management make good decisions about investing in social

Part 5 –
Site Reviews and Q & A with the PubCon Masters Group

In the fast-paced interactive closing session your speakers will
tag-team a volunteer from the audience and take them through an accelerated
version of the whole end-to-end social media process. After the mini
case study is completed, audience members will have their specific questions
answered in a rapid-fire Q&A social media marketing session with the

Social Media Marketing Topics Include:

    Social Media Campaigns – What's New – What's Hot

    Leveraging Twitter and Facebook

    E-mail's Role in Social Media Marketing

What Is Included?

    A full training guidebook with all the presentations from each session
    and bonus content

    Attendees may freely move between social media and organic tracks

    A USB stick containing all PowerPoint presentations

    Continental breakfast and plated luncheon (beverages will flow throughout
    the day)

    Q&A time at the end of each session

    Q&A session includes the opportunity to have your site reviewed by an
    expert panel

    Hands-on site clinic at lunch

    Limited class size

    Attendees that finish training will receive a certificate of completion

PubCon's training program will provide these powerful SEO skills that
will serve you forever:

  1. Evaluate: Get your SEO priorities straight. Handle multiple
    and often conflicting SEO tasks
  2. Time: Identify your greatest needs and cut time wasting following
    dead ends that don't produce
  3. Efficiency: Lay down a pattern to replicate for every website
    you build
  4. Priorities: How to channel your best efforts into long-term
    SEO goals
  5. Relationships: Learn how to work with the engines in a non-stressful
  6. Quality: Avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism and strive for

Sign up today and take home these and other powerful new SEO skills that
you can put directly to work.

Sample Training Program Schedule:

Search Training
Schedule (Tentative)
SEO Organic
Media Marketing
7:30am Registration
and continental breakfast
8:15am Training introduction
by Brett Tabke
Contemporary Organic SEO:
Carolyn Shelby
Google Reputation
Management: Andy Beal
10:15am Coffee
Organic Keywords and SEO Tools:
Joe Laratro
Twitter Marketing and Optimization:
Dan Zarrella
12:15pm Plated Luncheon
1:00pm Advanced Link Building:
Todd Malicoat
Facebook Marketing:
Alison Zarrella
2:45pm Snack /
Soda Break
3:00pm Advanced
Competitive Intel: Michael Gray
Social Media Conversion:
Brian Massey
4:30pm Site
Reviews and Q & A with PubCon Masters Group
5:30pm Training program


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Contact: Questions about the PubCon
training program may be directed to Jeff Randall, by e-mail at conference(at),
or by phone at (512) 686-1295.

Class sizes are limited and registration will close when they are full.

Joe Laratro

Joe Laratro

Carolyn Shelby

Carolyn Shelby
Todd Malicoat
Alison Zarrella

Michael Gray

Michael Gray


Brian Massey

Brian Massey

Andy Beal

Andy Beal

Dan Zarrella

Dan Zarrella

Brett Tabke

Brett Tabke