PubCon Vegas 2009 Wrap Up – Vegas Baby!

While Friday, November 13 marked the end to a tremendous week in Las Vegas exploring the future of search and social media with some of the most successful Internet marketers and developers in the world at PubCon, it also started the countdown to our next big event, PubCon South in Dallas on April 13 – 15, 2010.

We’ve received an outpouring of positive feedback from many of you who were at our recently concluded PubCon, and we’d like to thank all of you who came out and helped to make this PubCon one of our best events ever. Thank you to all of our speakers, keynote presenters, exhibitors, sponsors, conference staff, PubCon founder Brett Tabke, and especially all of you who made this a great event by attending.

This PubCon was so successful that our biggest problem turned out to be finding conference rooms at the Las Vegas Convention Center large enough to handle what were at times overflowing crowds eager to hear some of the top technology speakers share their search and social media marketing and technical expertise.

We tried to make this PubCon bigger and better than ever before with a full seven tracks of specialized sessions, a Monday intensive educational search training program, more top-notch keynote speakers and an unrivaled slate of after-hours parties, TweetUps and networking events, and for those of you lucky enough to join us last week we think you’ll agree that these efforts led to an overwhelming success. A special thank you to our PubCon Evangelist Joseph Morin for putting together the PubCon Ironman Triathlon of after-hours networking events.

Online shoe retailer Zappos chief executive Tony Hsieh wowed PubCon attendees with his fresh and consumer-driven approach to online marketing in an exciting and informative keynote speech delivered to a standing room only crowd overflowing the huge keynote area.

Bob Brisco, chief executive for Internet Brands, the parent company of Jelsoft Enterprises Limited, maker of the market-leading message forum software vBulletin, also came through with a powerful keynote presentation for PubCon attendees.

One of the surprises at this year’s Las Vegas PubCon was the success of our unique keynote panel of five social media experts from the largest hotel and casinos in the world, who got together and shared their impressive social media insights with those lucky enough to be in attendance.

Luxor vice president of marketing Brad Goldberg, Planet Hollywood director of interactive marketing Brandie Feuer, MGM Grand assistant vice president of marketing Michael Perhaes, Las Vegas Hilton executive director of casino marketing Peter Arceo and vice president of marketing Bryan Allison had the PubCon halls and session rooms buzzing throughout the remainder of the week after their one-of-a-kind and informative keynote session.

First time attendees had an especially productive time at PubCon, and many told us that they plan to make PubCon a regular event for their businesses because of all they learned. A number of these first-timers were drawn to PubCon by the various promotional partnerships we made leading up to the event, such as our buy-one-get-one-free deal with SEOmoz.

“I had the best time ever at PubCon,” first-time PubCon attendee Julie Parrish recently tweeted. “As a first timer, it was very helpful and the people I met were amazing. I will be back next year,” Parrish added.

“Updating my tools after a great PubCon,” Twitter user @dtwgreg said about his first PubCon. “I had a great time for my first visit. Thanks SEOmoz for the great deal,” he added.

Many of you who come to PubCon all the time told us that this was one of our best events ever, with a level of deep real-world search and social media coverage that can be hard to find at other technology conferences.

PubCon has grown during over a decade of events and is now reaching more people than ever, helping businesses and individuals succeed in a fun yet professional conference environment unlike any other you’ll attend.

Many of the hundreds of top speakers who spoke in Las Vegas told us that PubCon is their favorite event, and their enthusiasm for PubCon was apparent as our attendees were treated to insights and research that won’t be shared at any other conference but PubCon. Thank you speakers for bringing some of the best material that has ever been presented at PubCon, and be sure to make plans to be at our next conference, PubCon South in Dallas on April April 13 – 15, 2010. Speaking proposals are being accepted now, and spots are certain to fill quickly.

Thank you for making PubCon Las Vegas 2009 a conference for the ages, as some of your Tweets shown below attest, and we look forward to seeing you again in Dallas.

PubCon Las Vegas 2009 TweetRoll:

“PubCon 2009 was a great learning experience and has helped revive my business in these rough times. Thanks to all the speakers for sharing.” - @DogsofDesign

“Back from a great PubCon conference last week, now working on implementing all the amazing tips and tricks we learned.” – @vizionweb

“PubCon was awesome. Thanks so much for putting on the best Internet marketing conference ever.” – @ConradJohnson

“Honored with the great feedback about our work at PubCon.” – @BobBrisco

“I think this year’s PubCon was one of my favorites. Less ‘speaking’ and more ‘conversating’ :-)” – @andybeal

“Thank you PubCon for putting together the best SEO conference of the year!” – @seoadvice

“PubCon rocked! Impressive people were: Tim Ash, Joe Laratro, Michael Streko, Bruce Clay, Carolyn Shelby, Michael Wolf, David Ogletree and more.” – @LBMarketing

“I had a valuable PubCon week. Eye opening. Will go again, for certain.” – @LaurieMacomber

“Hats off to every PubCon attendee — you all made it the best conference ever.” – @tedulle

“Great PubCon this year. I got a lot out of it! Thanks.” – @websuccessteam

“Left PubCon inspired and excited to try out some of the new social media and SEO tactics. Many thanks to the organizers and presenters!” – @MichellePate

“My mind is spinning since PubCon. So many great ideas, not sure where to start.” – @OutrageousSteve

“If you are in the Web site/SEO/SEM space check out for one of the best conferences on the circuit.” – @schachin

“I had a blast at PubCon 09. Was surrounded with great info by creative people like @wesleywinston @ericbramlett @webtuning.” – @Bluebonic

“Finally home from PubCon. Inspired, refreshed, stoked, and $1000 richer. Man what a trip! I think I only slept six hours all week.” – @surfer9joe

“Had a great time at PubCon. Met a lot of great people! More social than conference. :-)” – @seoadvice

“Another great PubCon down on the books… Like I said yesterday, PubCon is the conference for people who speak at conferences!” – @opie

“Great conference @btabke. Next time I’ll bring out whole team!” – @patricksingson

“My eighth PubCon. Had the best audience level yet.” – @adamlongfellow

“Looking forward to PubCon in Dallas next year.” – @TallChickVic

“Great week for at PubCon! Nothing like a big week of work, learning, networking and a little partying as well!” – @PeekYou

“Thanks to PubCon team for another great conference.” – @leeodden

“Thanks all who had a hand in organizing such an awesome conference. See you in Dallas!” – @P i m pthisbum

“Great PubCon classic earlier today. Perfect venue, huge selection of craft beers, lots of conversation with old friends and new.” – @rogerdooley

“Our PubCon experience may have been the highlight of the year.” – @socialnetninjas

“Best. PubCon. Ever.” – @IncrediBILL

“I just went to PubCon and got some great info.” – @cliquekaila

“PubCon was fantastic. Fave sessions were @zappos opening speech, @joannalord’s landing page optimization and more.” – @jennifergosse

“This has been a great conference. Awesome sessions and @josephmorin hosts the best parties ever.” – @KristaNeher

“I must have gained two dozen new twitter followers since PubCon.” – @StoneyD

“Awesome PubCon in Vegas. Met loads of folks and am getting ready to push the Internet Marketing business into high gear!” – @dtwgreg

Lane R. Ellis
Team PubCon