PubCon South at Dallas Featured Keynote Address by Rob Snell

We are proud to announce that Rob Snell, managing partner at online business and marketing firm Snell Brothers Consulting and noted speaker, will be a featured keynote speaker at the upcoming PubCon South in Dallas on April 13 – 15, 2010.

For the past 13 years Snell has been a leader in selling through the Yahoo Store service, generating over $10 million in Web sales for clients through his innovative marketing, skilled development and professional design work.

Snell has attracted legions of fans since the 2006 release of his popular Wiley Computer Publishing book, “Starting a Yahoo Business For Dummies,” and through the success of Starkville, Mississippi-based Gun Dog Supply, a retailer of hunting dog supplies Snell co-owns that was started by his family in 1972.

In 2008 Snell testified before the United States Congress as an industry expert about search marketing’s impact on small businesses.

In 2009 Snell gave a highly regarded keynote speech at the invitation of the Icelandic Trade Council in Reykjavík detailing how he used e-commerce to save and successfully grow his family’s business.

PubCon founder Brett Tabke said, “Rob’s presentations have stood out in a crowded field. Rob is well known for leaving it all at the podium. He shares insider secrets that you simply won’t find other people talking about. Rob’s business growth chart is not a bell curve but a classic hockey stick. Rob does not hesitate to share his real world experiences, successes, and hard earned secrets that helped create that dramatic business growth on the web. Not only is it quality information, Rob’s presentations are some of the most entertaining I have heard in the conference circuit in the last ten years. This is a must attend session.” Tabke said.

The prospect of keynoting at PubCon South at Dallas was one Snell also looked forward to.

“Holy cow. I am so excited to be keynoting at PubCon South in Dallas,” Snell said.

“PubCon is the show of the year for me — it’s the best Internet marketing conference because of who attends, who speaks, what they say, and how much they give away,” Snell added.

“I love to meet at PubCon and swap secrets with some of the smartest retailers and Internet marketers on the planet,” Snell said.

“Brett and the PubCon folks have always been so supportive. I got into SEO as a retailer way back in 1997. WebmasterWorld saved my tail many a time. My first PubCon was Orlando in 2004. Brett gave me my first search conference speaking opportunity when my Dummies book came out in 2006, and I’ve beenGun Dog Supply there ever since. Last year, I did three sessions for e-commerce folks at the Las Vegas show. And then I get this phone call…,” Snell said.

“It’s an honor, and the highlight of my speaking career, to get to keynote at PubCon South. I guarantee you I’m going to leave it all on the floor. You’ll get your money’s worth,” Snell added.

Snell’s practical online marketing practices have helped spur tremendous growth for many of those that have implemented his sound e-commerce ideas, and our PubCon South at Dallas attendees are certain to benefit from Snell’s keynote presentation.

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PubCon South at Dallas will be held April 14 – 15 at the Dallas, Texas Richardson Civic Convention Center, with a separate full day of professional training on tap the day before, on April 13.

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We look forward to seeing you at Ron Snell’s keynote address during PubCon South at Dallas.

Lane R. Ellis
Team PubCon