Pubcon Named Forbes Must-Attend Conference

Pubcon, the search marketing event of the year, has been named one of Forbes Magazine’s prestigious “Must-Attend Conferences for Entrepreneurs,” and with one of our strongest lineups

Forbes Must-Attend Conferences for Entrepreneurs by John Hall

Forbes Must-Attend Conferences for Entrepreneurs by John Hall

ever on tap for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 it’s easy to see why.

Expected to be one of the largest, busiest and best weeks of search and new media ever, topping even Pubcon’s record-setting 2012 Las Vegas event, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 — the premier social media and optimization conference — will bring together more top speakers, more cutting-edge panels, more social media nightlife, a greater variety of session tracks, and even more major industry exhibitors.

“Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, including our double Platinum sponsor Internet Marketing Ninjas, is going to be the biggest and most exciting gathering of new media and optimization trailblazers that we’ve ever put together, and we’re delighted to open registration today for the largest Pubcon ever at some of the fairest early-bird discount rates available,” Pubcon founder and chief executive Brett Tabke said recently.

Join thousands of the savviest digital innovators who will descend on Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 and make it the center of the social media universe for a full week this October 21 – 24, filling the massive Las Vegas Convention Center south halls.

Pubcon is famous for groundbreaking major keynotes from social media stars such as

Google fellow Amit Singhal
and head quality control engineer

Matt Cutts
,  Emmy award-winning technology broadcaster and noted online

Leo Laporte
, best-selling authors
Malcolm Gladwell,
Guy Kawasaki and
Robert X. Cringely,
and other technology luminaries

Google Fellow Amit Singhal

such as Craigslist founder
Craig Newmark, New
York Times technology writer
David Pogue
, Zappos chief executive

Tony Hsieh
, Internet Brands chief executive
Bob Brisco, Demand Media
co-founder Richard
, Opera Software founder
Jon Von Tetzchner
along with many others,
and Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will offer a stunning new lineup of esteemed social media keynote presenters.

“With hundreds of the world’s top technology and online marketing visionaries speaking, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 offers an unrivaled technology conference experience, and we’re confident that every attendee will take away more valuable new search and social media ideas, business solutions and actionable take-aways than ever before, all at surprisingly cost-effective rates,” Tabke explained.

“Pubcon truly starts off where other social media and optimization conferences end, and features a

Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

virtual who’s who of technology and Internet marketing, and during our biggest-ever Las Vegas conference in October we’ll have more in store for attendees than ever before in our decade-plus history,” Tabke said.

Registration for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 recently opened, so you can register today at our lowest early-bird rates and begin making your plans to attend the biggest social media and optimization event of the year as Pubcon returns to sunny and entertaining Las Vegas.

Supported by the industry’s leading businesses, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors involved in new media, Internet marketing, search engines, and online advertising, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will offer

Google's Matt Cutts

a week-long exploration of the future of technology from Google Plus and Pinterest optimization to the latest online marketing studies presented by many of the world’s leading new media innovators.

Haven’t heard of Pubcon before? Not yet sure what Pubcon is and why you should join thousands of other search and social media innovators at one of the most important online marketing events in the new media and optimization world?

Check out a sampling of the impressive testimonials from some of the many thousands of attendees at last year’s major event and previous conferences, our introduction to Pubcon, “Share The Secret Success Of Pubcon,” our decade-plus archive of Pubcon history, our lists of previous speakers and
keynote presenters, and “101 Reasons For Coming To Pubcon,” and then register to join us for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 this October.

With so much social media immersion on tap, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 is a unique must-attend event for both corporate Internet professionals and independent webmasters who are serious about

Great Pubcon Las Vegas Speakers

staying ahead of the curve in the quickly-changing optimization and social media marketing industries.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will feature an expanded slate of our popular Pubcon Masters Group training program and workshops, a day-long group of intensive educational training programs led by some of the industry’s most respected search and social media professionals, as well as a new networking badge category.

Over more than a decade Pubcon has gained a growing reputation as the conference of new media and optimization industry leaders with game-changing ideas that both attendees and speakers look forward to for its

Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

excellent learning and networking opportunities, and Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will be bigger than ever before.

Registration for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, featuring more than 200 of the key influencers who are shaping the future of the Web and new media, all speaking in diverse multiple topic sub-conferences with more than 130 great conference panel sessions, is now open and available at early-bird rates that allow you to lock in our lowest prices by signing up today.

We look forward to seeing you among the who’s who of technology professionals at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 on October 21 – 24 in sunny Las Vegas, to see for yourself why Forbes has named Pubcon a must-attend conference for entrepreneurs.

Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor
Team Pubcon

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