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SEO Engine

SEO Engine

THE GOOGLE SIMULATOR – What if you knew what your website ranking was BEFORE Google did?

Back in 2007, a group of online marketers and techies were frustrated with the limited amount of data and insight that search engines provided into their ranking algorithms and scoring methods. So, they started building a search engine to show the public how it worked – a Google simulator of sorts. To date, SEO ENGINE has crawled over 690 billion webpages, 42 trillion links and combines its big data with analytics to deliver never-before-seen search metrics to CMOs and their digital marketing teams.

Search engines give you very little data to help your organic campaigns. In fact, they want you to spend money on PPC ads, despite the fact that SEO outperforms PPC by a factor of 2:1. So, they gave you user analytics, but that only tells you what already happened. SEO ENGINE tells you what IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Make decisions more accurately and faster than ever before using our predictive and prescriptive enterprise-class, web-scale platform. Justify SEO expenditure and maximize online marketing campaign results and ROI. We reveal search engine algorithms to give you back the power to effectively budget for each vertical, reverse engineer competitors, prevent blacklisting by search engines, create effective linking partnerships, visualize and manage link flow, prove ROI and shorten A/B testing cycles with on-demand verification.

SEO ENGINE’s cloud-based data explorer was recently named as a top 25 Enterprise SEO Solution for 2013 by Website Magazine.

Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc. No, we don’t have any affiliation with them other than the fact that they tried to hire our CTO last year :) In full disclosure, we do have an affiliation with Yahoo! – our lead advisor, Dr. Larry Cornett, was the former VP of Consumer Products for Yahoo! Search.