Pubcon Exhibitor: rmoov



rmoov is a backlink removal tool designed to help site owners manage link removal campaigns at scale.

Offering complete flexibility for those tasked with requesting and tracking the removal of external links, rmoov takes care of the details, producing extensive Campaign summary reports and auto-generated Disavow lists.

Agency or private site owner, you choose the level of automation you prefer. Rmoov gives you everything you need to successfully manage recovery from link-based manual penalties and deal with the algorithmic effects of Google penguin.

Use rmoov to Submit link removal requests to webmasters quickly and easily. Ask them to remove problem links from a single URL, multiple URLs or multiple domains. Use custom templates to ask domain owners to help remediate links by adding a nofollow tag. Manage contact form submissions from the rmoov interface, add screenshots and post notes.

All you need to get started is a few minutes and a list of linking URLs. rmoov will take your URL list, create and send email to each domain owner and notify you when webmasters report that links have been removed. For those domains where a request has been sent but no response received, rmoov follows up with regular reminder emails to the webmaster until your campaign comes to an end.