Over 200 Powerful Speakers At Pubcon Las Vegas 2012

Join over 200 powerful speakers at Pubcon Las Vegas 2012, the premier social media and

Andy Beal Trackur CEO

optimization conference, on October 15 – 18 at the Las
Vegas Convention Center in the entertainment capital of the world. A sampling of the astounding speaker lineup, featuring many of the world’s top new media marketing and search experts, shows just how strong Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 will be.

This October Andy Beal, chief executive at Trackur and founder of Marketing Pilgrim, will be presenting a Pubcon Masters Group track —
dedicated to organic SEO — and during an expert spotlight session, "Reputation Management: Focus on Google."

“As a long-time attendee and speaker, I know that Pubcon’s audience is on the cutting edge of

Andy Beal Trackur CEO

Internet marketing. Pubcon’s spotlight sessions allow me to go into more depth, and they ensure more time for audience questions. A win, win for everyone,” Beal said.

Beal will also be moderating during a much-anticipated "Google Places & Maps Optimization" panel.

Jon Henshaw, co-founder and chief product officer at Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 gold sponsor Raven Internet Marketing Tools, will share his valuable online

Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder & CPO, Raven Internet Marketing Tools

strategy insight in three sessions during the week, and will moderate another.

“Pubcon Vegas has become the one conference that I cannot miss. Pubcon attracts the best talent from around the world, and the education and networking is unprecedented. It’s a no-brainer for us to sponsor and support such an amazing event,” Henshaw said.

Henshaw will present "Optimizing Your Site for Contextual Ads" joined by Matt Tuens, founder and chief executive at AcuVox, and Sean Jackson, founding partner at Copyblogger Media, and a session on SEO and SEM tools in which he’ll be joined by Christine Churchill, president at KeyRelevance, and Ben Cook, president at Direct Match Media.

Henshaw will continue his longtime successful association with Pubcon this October in Las Vegas. “I have a great affinity for Pubcon, because it’s where I first learned advanced Internet marketing

Roger Dooley, Founder, Dooley Direct LLC

techniques, and it’s also where I made some incredible friendships that have continued well beyond the length of each conference,” Henshaw noted.

Users of Raven Internet Marketing Tools services will also be in for a treat as Henshaw will be presenting a sponsored session dedicated to Raven’s popular tools.

Conference-goers will also be able to hear Roger Dooley, founder of Dooley Direct LLC, speak on two Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 sessions and moderate two additional panels.

In "UGC: Bringing High Quality to Community-Generated Content" Dooley will be joined by Gil Reich, founder of Managing Greatness, while in "Neuromarketing – One of the Hottest Topics in Marketing," he’ll be featured by himself in an expert spotlight session.

“Meeting folks in person is the best part of Pubcon,” Dooley said. “Pubcon has been a great blend of

Matt Siltala, Founding Launcher, Avalaunch Media

traditional SEO and SEM with a huge component of social media,” Dooley added.

Another of the fine speakers at Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 is Matt Siltala, founding launcher at Avalaunch Media, who will speak on two sessions and moderate another.

Siltala’s "Competitive Intelligence – Social Media Tools and Tactics" session will also feature Chris Winfield, CMO and managing partner at BlueGlass, and Kristy Bolsinger, senior social business consultant at Ant’s Eye View, and he will also take part in an organic SEO live site review clinic along with Rich Skrenta, chief executive at blekko, Duane Forrester, senior program manager of SEO and social at Microsoft/MSN, and Winfield.

Pubcon offers many valuable experiences to attendees, according to Siltala. “The number one thing I love about Pubcon is that it seems everyone makes it out to the conference. Pubcon offers an amazing quality of speakers in a fun city, with equally-amazing parties and networking opportunities. Everyone is willing to chat and make connections,” Siltala said.

Siltala, like many others, has also found Pubcon a top spot for making important and valuable

Adam Riemer, President, Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC.

industry connections. “I locked down two huge clients because of Pubcon Las Vegas so far. I am
talking some seriously great clients and made some other great referral deals,” Siltala said.

Adam Riemer, president at Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC will be speaking on three strong Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 sessions, including "Starting Affiliate Programs That Deliver," where he’ll be joined by Paul Schroader, president at PS Web Solutions, and Robert Glazer, founder and managing director at Acceleration Partners.

Riemer has often touted the many benefits of Pubcon. “I met more people at Pubcon in one hour when my friends were off using the restroom or grabbing a drink, than I would normally meet after three or four days at some other large shows,” Riemer said. “Pubcon is one of the last shows where you can go in thinking you know absolutely everything there is to know about a particular channel of marketing and leave realizing how much more there actually is to learn,” Riemer added.

Riemer will also be speaking on a powerhouse "How SMBs Can Use PR Campaigns to Grow Traffic"

Marty Weintraub, President, aimClear

session alongside Marty Weintraub, president at aimClear, and
Lisa Buyer
, president and chief executive at The Buyer Group, before rounding out his full Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 speaker schedule with "Monetizing and Optimizing your Blog," where he’ll be joined by Michael David, the founder of TastyPlacement, and Stephan Spencer, co-author of "The Art of SEO."

“There is something about the vibe of Pubcon that just makes people want to smile and have fun while actually working and networking at the same time,” Riemer noted, adding, “the nice thing about Pubcon, that I haven’t seen at many other shows, is that if you are standing alone people will walk up to you and start talking.”

Weintraub, in addition to his session with Riemer, will bring his popular energetic online marketing

BlitzLocal Chief Executive Dennis Yu

wisdom to the Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 "Facebook Today" session, joined by BlitzLocal chief executive Dennis Yu, and a "Keyword Research, Selection and Optimization" panel alongside
Ken Jurina, president at Epiar Inc., and Amanda Watlington, Ph.D., of Searching for Profit.

Weintraub also finds Pubcon an important industry conference. “Pubcon rocks. I love this conference because it’s unique in bridging the ability to both market and monetize content. I’ve not found another community so well represented by tech — seriously geeky folks, plus affiliates — some would say the best marketers in the world, search and social,” Weintraub said.

Weintraub has also found the strong educational aspects of Pubcon attractive. “Every area Pubcon delves into is deep. The site reviews are classic and the conference organizers have their act

HubSpot.com Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella

together. Each year Pubcon Las Vegas is on my shortest of short list. It’s got a flavor all it’s own,” Weintraub added.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 attendees looking to get a dose of Dan Zarrella, social media scientist at HubSpot.com, are in for a treat, as he will be prominently featured not only in Monday’s Pubcon Masters Group day-long four-track training program, but also in four standard conference sessions — two as a speaker and two as a panel moderator.

“Pubcon is my favorite conference, both as an attendee and as a speaker,” Zarrella said. “At too many other conferences social media advice is all unicorns-and-rainbows, but at Pubcon you get real data, tactics and examples,” Zarrella added.

In his "Science of Inbound Marketing" expert spotlight session Zarrella will share
scientifically-proven online marketing practices, while in the "Twitter – The Latest Topics and Trends" panel he’ll

Tim Ash, CEO, SiteTuners.com

be joined by Krista Neher, chief executive at BootCampDigital, and Warren Whitlock, social media strategist at BestSellerAuthors.com.

Tim Ash, bestselling author and SiteTuners.com chief executive is also slated to speak during Pubcon Las Vegas 2012, in an expert spotlight session focusing on "Conversion in a Social World," and on "The Best Tactics in Landing Page Optimization," where he’ll be joined by Janet Driscoll Miller, president and chief executive at Search Mojo.

“Pubcon audiences are there to learn,” Ash said. “Pubcon has always had a roll-up-your-sleeves audience of professionals who are on the front lines of online marketing,” Ash added.

Another among the many great speakers who will be presenting during the week of Pubcon Las

Kristine Schachinger, CEO, SitesWithoutWalls.com

Vegas 2012 is Kristine Schachinger, chief executive at SitesWithoutWalls.com. In addition to moderating two sessions, Schachinger will speak on the "Design, Content, and Marketing For A Mobile Website" panel, where she’ll be joined by Michael Martin, SEO manager at Covario, and Keith Posehn, president at Zorz.

“If you are in the website, SEO or SEM space, check out Pubcon for one of the best conferences on the circuit,” Schachinger said.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 attendees will also be able to see Lisa Riolo, co-founder of Impact Radius, who will present a session exploring the "Modern Marketing Plan Start To Finish," in which she’ll be joined by Tony Wright, chief executive and founder at WrightIMC, Dan Sturdivant, vice
president of solutions at WrightIMC, and Laura Callow, senior search marketing manager at Intuit

Lisa Riolo, Co-Founder, Impact Radius

Global Business Division.

“I’m so impressed with the quality of the content by Pubcon speakers,” Riolo said of Pubcon. “This is a great value conference,” she added.

You can also catch Riolo in the "Essentials Overlooked By 90 Percent Of Affiliate Managers" session, where she’ll present with fellow Pubcon panelists Jerry West, president at SEORevolution, and Elisabeth Archambault, freelance affiliate marketer at Wedding-Resources.

Another big name who will be presenting at both the Pubcon Masters Group training and during the week’s daytime sessions is longtime Pubcon favorite Melanie Mitchell, senior vice president of search strategy at Digitas.

On Monday Mitchell will help lead the masters group in-house SEO agenda, and during the week

Melanie Mitchell, SVP of Search Strategy, Digitas

she’ll present on the "National and International Companies With Local Focus" panel alongside Ben Douglas, marketing manager of SEO at Advent Marketing and Matt Marko, marketing process manager at Progressive Insurance.

Mitchell considers Pubcon a gathering of many key industry players. “Loving Pubcon. There are some of the smartest, coolest search and social media people here right now,” Mitchell said during a recent Pubcon conference.

You can also hear Mitchell speak during the live in-house SEO site review panel, where she’ll be joined by Topher Kohan, SEO coordinator at CNN.com, Alex Bennert, director of search strategy at

Brian Combs, Principal, ionadas local

the Wall Street Journal, and Ben Douglas, marketing manager of SEO at Advent Marketing.

Brian Combs principal at ionadas local will also be among the online marketing experts at Pubcon Las Vegas 2012, presenting on the previously mentioned "Google Places & Maps Optimization" session with Will Scott, president at Search Influence, and Mary Bowling, owner and SEO consultant at Optimized!.

“Pubcon shows just how great a search marketing event can be,” said Combs, who will also be speaking on the "Universal and Personal Search Optimization" session, joined by Michael Marshall, chief executive at Internet Marketing Analysts, and Aaron Friedman, SEO manager at Spark Communications.

Gillian Muessig, SEOmoz president and co-founder, who will be speaking about building online communities in a session with CrowdGather chief executive and founder Sanjay Sabnani and

Gillian Muessig, SEOmoz President

HubPages chief executive Paul Edmondson, says she finds Pubcon to be a uniquely valuable event.

“I send one or two people to every major conference — I send my entire team to Pubcon,” Muessig said.

Alan K’necht, founding partner at Digital Always Media Inc., will share his highly-regarded Internet marketing insight during two Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 sessions. In "ROI: Convergence of Online Marketing and Analytics" K’necht will be joined by Chris Zaharias, senior vice president at Dapper, and Bonnie Stefanick, search marketing manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas, while he’ll take the stage for Thursday’s interactive site review panel focusing on organic search alongside David Klein, chief executive at Purpose Inc., Christina Zila, director of communications at Textbroker

Alan K’necht, Founding Partner, Digital Always Media Inc.

International, and Russ Jones, chief technology officer at Virante, Inc.

K’necht considers Pubcon a very strong conference. “Pubcon is my favorite conference hands down for one simple reason,” K’necht explained. “Networking. Pubcon creates a unique environment which makes it easy for even the most shy attendee to meet, get to know and befriend other attendees. When this networking environment is combined with the great information being delivered, you can’t
help but come away with a positive ROI on your investment of time and money,” K’necht added.

These are only a handful of the 200+ powerful speakers who will be presenting during Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center on October 15 – 18, the biggest social media and search event of the year. If you haven’t yet registered sign up today at some of the fairest pre-show rates in the industry, and join

Pubcon Masters Group Training

thousands of the world’s top online marketers and futurists in the entertainment capital of the world for what will be the biggest show in our decade-plus history.

Learn more about Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 and pick up helpful tips for attending in "63+ Knockout Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 Insider Tips," and we look forward to seeing you in sunny Las Vegas in less than two months.

Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor
Team Pubcon