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Dennis Yu: BlitzMetrics CEO

Brad Geddes Certified Knowledge Founder

Frederick Vallaeys Top Tier Marketing, Optmyzr, Founder & Chief Executive

Frederick Vallaeys Top Tier Marketing, Optmyzr, Founder & Chief Executive

Pubcon New Orleans 2014′s Google and Facebook advertising Pubcon Masters Group agenda features BlitzMetrics chief executive and Facebook marketing expert Dennis Yu, Certified Knowledge

BlitzMetrics Chief Executive Dennis Yu

founder and popular Pubcon speaker Brad Geddes, and Frederick Vallaeys, founder and chief executive of Top Tier Marketing and Optmyzr.

Yu is co-founder and CEO at BlitzMetrics, a software company that builds social media dashboards for major brands, media, and retail companies, specializing in the intersection of local and Facebook advertising. Yu is an entrepreneur and internationally-recognized speaker in search engine marketing and all things Facebook. His areas of expertise include social media advertising and marketing, search marketing technical analysis, and pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign development and optimization.

Geddes is an innovator in online marketing theory and best practices who has been pushing the

Certified Knowledge's Brad Geddes

boundaries of Internet advertising since 1999, and is known for his ability to demystify the more complicated aspects of SEO, PPC and online advertising, and his sound and thoroughly-researched strategies make him a great addition to the Pubcon Masters Group Google and Facebook advertising training track.

Longtime Pubcon favorite Vallaeys is founder and chief executive of Top Tier Marketing and Optmyzr, and a former senior product evangelist for Google AdWords, a role in which helped advertisers learn about which Google products can best solve their marketing needs. Vallaeys also represented the needs of advertisers with the engineering and product management teams. Vallaeys’ main product focus at Google was on ad quality and bulk

Top Tier Marketing's Frederick Vallaeys

Top Tier Marketing’s Frederick Vallaeys

tools like the AdWords Editor and API.

Prior to Google, Vallaeys was an engineer at Sapient and a part-time wedding photographer who found new customers through AdWords. Vallaeys joined Google in 2002 to help bring AdWords to the Dutch and Belgian markets. Vallaeys earned his B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 2000.

Join Yu, Vallaeys and Geddes, some of the world's top PPC experts, for the updated Pubcon Masters Group training program Google and Facebook advertising track, and examine the unique challenges and opportunities that online advertising professionals face daily.


Part 1: Creating a Successful Account StructureBrad Geddes

A successful AdWords account needs to take into account many variables, such as: keywords, match types, negative keywords, ads, user intent, and the buying funnel. In this session, you will learn how each of these items works, as well as learn strategies for organizing the data to maximize your chances for success. Ad copy testing: Within the organizational structure, successful accounts are always testing ads. You will learn ad copy testing techniques as well as take away testing examples you can try immediately in your own account.

Advanced Tactics: Quality Score, Advanced Bidding, & Time Management
Quality score is the bane of many advertisers. Learn how quality score works and techniques for improving your own quality score.

Advanced Bidding Case Studies: Gain insights from other advertisers to see how they have moved beyond basic bidding techniques to increase their AdWords profits. No advanced bid system is necessary to employ any of these bidding methods. Time Management: Everyone has too much work and not enough time. Learn PPC time management techniques so that you are spending your valuable time wisely while still increasing your account’s efficiency.

Part 2: AdWords Quality Score and Automation with ScriptsFrederick Vallaeys

Frederick Vallaeys will examine the AdWords quality score and automation using scripts in this valuable Pubcon Masters Group training session.

Part 3: Facebook Ad Optimization Tricks the Pros UseDennis Yu

Social ads are about amplifying user actions, not about broadcasting creative. Learn how to match the right content to the right audience by building target grids. Choose the right mix of sponsored



stories to grow audience and engagement. Discover when to optimize against CTR vs. against CPC — and three surprising cases where CTR or CPC don’t even matter. What is the skinny on the new sponsored results ads in Facebook search, and how does it differ from Google brand bidding.

We’ll also cover organizational issues — you will walk away with a framework to coordinate with folks on other marketing teams. Where does social advertising end and creative begin? How do you build a social ROI model that everyone else will buy into? If you’re a consultant or agency, what types of automation are most effective to manage many complex client campaigns? How do you estimate campaign performance when you don’t have historical data? When are Facebook’s own estimation tools faulty, requiring you to override them?

We’ll also equip you with ad campaign templates, weekly ad reporting documents, strategy documents to sell the value of your role, and other assets you get to swipe as a participant in this Masters Group training.

Part 4: PPC Question and Answer SessionFaculty

A rare opportunity to have specific questions answered by our top PPC speakers in this rapid-fire Q&A session.


The Pubcon Masters Group training program is a popular exclusive add-on opportunity separate from the Pubcon conference, featuring a complete day of intensely focused and highly personal learning from leading innovators. Sign up for the Pubcon Masters Group training program now.

Dennis Yu: BlitzMetrics CEO

Brad Geddes Certified Knowledge Founder

Frederick Vallaeys Top Tier Marketing, Optmyzr, Founder & Chief Executive

Frederick Vallaeys Top Tier Marketing, Optmyzr, Founder & Chief Executive