Pubcon Las Vegas Introduces New Open Mic Track

Every year, one of our ongoing goals is to add one new thing to the overall mix of the educational sessions, networking and tradeshow aspects of Pubcon. This year, we are putting some power back into the hands of the attendees. For the first time at any major conference, Pubcon will offer attendees the chance to speak and give their own presentation during our first "Open Mic Track" this October 15 – 18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. With more than 200 top speakers featured in over 130 sessions within at least ten daily conference tracks, Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 is the year’s biggest and best new media and optimization conference.

With thousands of the most tech-savvy professionals in the online world gathered in one amazing

Pubcon Las Vegas

place for a week of social media and search marketing education and networking, Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 is the perfect place to get up on stage yourself for ten minutes and make a TED-like presentation on the industry topic of your choice in the Pubcon Open Mic Track.

Open to gold and platinum pass attendees only, the Pubcon Open Mic Track gives you a great opportunity to showcase your take on any of the wide range of topics covered during the conference, or even yourself or your company or service.

Bring your own ten minute PowerPoint presentation or engage your audience with just the open mic,

Pubcon Open Mic Track

and take advantage of Pubcon’s record tenth simultaneous track which will be happening each day of the conference, from Tuesday, October 16 through Thursday the 18th. A Pubcon session moderator will time each session to ensure that every presentation finishes up in ten minutes, allowing for a free-flowing day of exciting new Pubcon Open Mic Track speakers.

An e-mail will be sent to gold and platinum pass attendees several weeks before the show with guidelines and signup information.

If you’ve always wanted to try conference speaking, want to share strategies or insights that you

Pubcon Las Vegas

feel would be relevant to Pubcon attendees, or want to hone your public speaking skills, consider joining us for the new Pubcon Open Mic Track.

Looking for something new? Come and attend some of the Pubcon Open Mic Track to get a look at what up-and-coming new speakers and interesting Pubcon attendees have to say in ten minutes — a cutting-edge alternative to the great traditional sessions that will be going on with full force during Pubcon Las Vegas 2012.


With the introduction of our new Open Mic Track at Pubcon Las Vegas 2012, we strive to continue

Pubcon Las Vegas

Pubcon’s long history of bringing exciting and important innovations to the thousands who attend the premier search and social media conference.

For more than a dozen years Pubcon has broken new conference ground, pioneering numerous innovations that have since become widely used in the industry.

Long before the so-called unconference became popular, Pubcon held its first conference in a pub — London’s Cittie of Yorke — a tradition we’ve kept each year since 2000 and which since then has been widely implemented by other industry conferences.

Pubcon was the first major conference aside from TED to give its speakers an entire session alone in

Pubcon Las Vegas

front of attendees, with the introduction of the Pubcon Expert Spotlight Sessions, now a popular staple offered in an entire conference-long track of sessions at Pubcon.

A decade ago it was unheard of for a conference to sacrifice significant amounts of exhibit hall floor space for an attendee networking lounge. We introduced this innovation seven years ago as just one more way that Pubcon provides the maximum number of opportunities for attendees to creatively network with one another.

Other Pubcon conference innovations have included the introduction of an entire track of live website review sessions, featuring always-fascinating and informative critique and advice of

Google's Matt Cutts

attendee-submitted sites by a panel of leading digital marketers, and Pubcon’s early “Bloggers Night Out” events, which since 2007 have let hundreds of Pubcon attendees see some of the hottest shows in Las Vegas in exchange for social media discussion, including Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, Monty Python’s Spamalot and others.

Pubcon has also innovated in its dedication to the support of charities such as the American Cancer Society and, most recently, to environmentally-friendly green conference practices.

Register today for Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 at some of the fairest prices in the industry, and take part in the year’s biggest social media and search conference, featuring top keynote speakers including Dr. Robert Cialdini, professor emeritus of psychology and marketing at Arizona State University, social psychologist, and author of the bestselling book “Influence: Science & Practice,” who will present the kickoff keynote address, with additional keynotes by Google head quality control engineer and webspam team leader Matt Cutts and Shakil Khan, head of special projects at social journal start-up Path and well-known former head of special projects at Spotify.

Team Pubcon