Landing Page & PPC Training In Store At Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Masters Group

The Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Masters Group training program on Monday, April 22 — the day

Eisenberg Brothers & Associates' Jeffrey Eisenberg

before the full conference begins — will offer an updated landing page optimization (LPO) and pay-per-click (PPC) track of sessions led by Internet marketing strategy innovator and bestselling author Jeffrey Eisenberg, noted marketing optimization expert and bestselling author and columnist Bryan Eisenberg, Certified Knowledge founder and popular Pubcon speaker Brad Geddes, four of the industry’s top PPC and landing page optimization professionals.

If you haven’t yet attended a Pubcon Masters Group training day, it’s the ideal way to start off a week of social media, optimization, and digital marketing at Pubcon in The Big Easy. Kicking off the Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Masters Group training program will be a keynote address by Tim Ash, bestselling author and chief executive at landing page optimization firm SiteTuners.

Jeffrey Eisenberg Eisenberg Brothers & Associates Partner

Bryan Eisenberg Eisenberg Brothers & Associates Partner

Brad Geddes Certified Knowledge Founder

In 1998 Jeffrey Eisenberg, partner at Eisenberg Brothers and Associates, co-founded online marketing firm FutureNow, serving as its chief executive until 2009 and helping to invent a noted marketing framework known as Persuasion Architecture. The co-author of Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today and New York Times bestselling books “Call to Action” and “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?”, Eisenberg will bring his unique PPC wisdom to Pubcon Masters Group attendees.

Noted Internet personality and Eisenberg Brothers and Associates partner Bryan Eisenberg, also

Eisenberg Brothers & Associates' Bryan Eisenberg

known as The Grok, was co-founder and chief persuasion officer at FutureNow where he publishes its award-winning GrokDotCom newsletter, and is the author of the popular weekly ClickZ column “ROI Marketing.” Bryan Eisenberg has been recognized by Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft's bCentral, Forrester Research, MarketingSherpa, the Toronto Star and other publications for his thought leadership in online marketing, which he will share during April’s New Orleans Pubcon Masters Group training program.

Geddes is an innovator in online marketing theory and best practices who has been pushing the

Certified Knowledge's Brad Geddes

boundaries of Internet advertising since 1999, and is known for his ability to demystify the more complicated aspects of SEO, PPC and online advertising, and his sound and thoroughly-researched strategies make him a great addition to the Pubcon Masters Group PPC training track.

Join Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg and Geddes, some of the world's top PPC experts, for the all-new Pubcon Masters Group training program PPC track, and examine the unique challenges and opportunities that PPC professionals face daily.


Part 1: Creating a Successful Account StructureBrad Geddes

A successful AdWords account needs to take into account many variables, such as keywords, match types, negative keywords, ads, user intent, and the buying funnel. In this session, you will learn how each of these items works, and learn strategies for organizing the data to maximize your chances for success. Within the organizational structure, successful accounts are always testing ads. You will learn ad copy testing techniques as well as take away testing examples you can try immediately in your own account.

Part 2: Advanced Tactics: Quality Score, Advanced Bidding, & Time ManagementBrad Geddes

Quality score is the bane of many advertisers. Learn how quality score works and techniques for improving your own quality score. Gain insights from other advertisers to see how they have moved beyond basic bidding techniques to increase their AdWords profits. No advanced bid system is necessary to employ any of these bidding methods. Everyone has too much work and not enough time. Learn PPC time management techniques so that you are spending your valuable time wisely while still increasing your account’s efficiency.

Parts 3 & 4: Perfecting Landing PagesBryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg

Landing pages have become a critical part of every marketer’s toolbox. To create effective landing pages, marketers must understand the 10 key elements in the anatomy of a landing page and what role they play as part of a greater conversion optimization framework. Conversion rate optimization expert pioneers Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg will teach you all about the anatomy of a landing page, a conversion optimization framework and review the tools available to get the job done.

This is an advanced training based on practical experience the Eisenbergs have earned from optimizing thousands of landing pages for large B2B and B2C companies. You will learn the critical factors that make people convert on a landing page. You will also learn that testing within a framework is more than gut feel, changing a color, moving items around or changing buttons on a page. You will learn proven methods that will make an impact and increase conversion rates.

You will also learn:

  • How to apply a simple but powerful framework to all your conversion
    optimization — The Conversion Trinity
  • How to use testing to understand your customers’ motivation
  • How to choose from three types of action pages
  • What nine variables to include in your landing page and the five
    dimensions to rate them
  • How to get your customers’ attention, keep them engage and get them to
    take action
  • How 30 key optimization factors can be broken down into four main
    categories you can use to optimize your landing pages
  • How to select the tools that are appropriate for each task involved in
    optimizing landing pages

Part 5: PPC Question and Answer SessionFaculty

A rare opportunity to have specific questions answered by our top PPC speakers
in this rapid-fire Q&A session.


The Pubcon Masters Group training program is a popular exclusive add-on opportunity separate from

Pubcon New Orleans 2013

Pubcon New Orleans 2013

the Pubcon conference, featuring a complete day of intensely focused and highly personal learning from leading innovators. Sign up for the Pubcon Masters Group training program now.

We hope you can join us for this strong Pubcon Masters Group PPC and landing page optimization track of sessions, and for the entire week of Pubcon New Orleans 2013 in The Big Easy, taking place in less than a month on April 22 – 25 at the state-of-the-art New Orleans Convention Center. Check out our “67+ Big Easy Insider Tips” to learn more about why you can’t afford to miss the year’s largest and most-anticipated social media and optimization event.

Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor
Team Pubcon