The Latest Topics And Trends On Twitter With Dan Zarrella, Krista Neher And Warren Whitlock

In the fast-paced world of Twitter, knowing insider tips is a crucial element to success within the social network. Dan Zarrella, Krista Neher, and Warren Whitlock offered great insight into factual data about Twitter and reinforced the fact that Twitter is here to stay and also serve a different purpose than fellow social networks.

Retweets are highly coveted by companies, and as an individual, a retweet sort of justifies your initial tweet. So how do you up your odds of gaining the elusive retweet? According to Dan Zarrella, there are a few ways to increase your odds (with no guarantees of course):

  • Tweets 4:30 p.m. or later in the day have higher odds of gaining retweets
  • Saturday and Sunday have the highest amount of retweets
  • Including “PLEASE RT” makes your tweet 4x more likely to be retweeted

It’s important to understand that Twitter is still quite different than every other social network out there. Twitter search is more effective and targeted than Facebook search, and it also allows you to search the entire Twitter network, not just your personal network. According to Krista Neher, Twitter allows for interest search, has high usage rates, and enables complete stranger outreach, all of which are valuable to your Twitter efforts when utilized accordingly. So, how do you ensure that you’re using Twitter in the correct way? A few points from Krista:

  • Understand your audience. Test; track engagement. See where links get the most success throughout the tweet, at the beginning, middle, or end.
  • Start a conversation. Just posting isn’t enough — be interesting, connect with users.
  • Provide customer service. Twitter is a better outlet for providing customers with answers and for resolving issues than forcing them to sit on hold with long phone waits and automated messages.
  • Post public service announcements, events, and relevant news to engage users and share.

Last, Warren Whitlock shared some great tips on succeeding with Twitter. While it may seem like a no-brainer, many people are using Twitter as a one-way conversation tool — no one likes to hear constant talking about yourself and your company. If you want good reviews and engagement, be awesome. Share knowledge and engage in conversations about what you know. Use the keyword search + ? to find questions on relevant topics. Save searches and tweak them based on locations as needed.

Remember, Twitter is a valuable tool but also one that provides a low shelf life for your content in terms of a mass feed. Using Twitter correctly, engaging individuals rather than just the masses, and providing valuable information and data is a great way to have people look forward to your tweets and become followers.

Erika Thomas is an SEO copywriter and link building specialist at Tandem Interactive, where she has worked for two years. Thomas also operates fashion blog Blah Blah Blonde and is a freelance writer.
Her Twitter handle is @itsmeerikat.