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Pubcon, the premier social media and optimization conference and expo, will hold

Pubcon Las Vegas

its multi-track Las Vegas event on October 21 – 24, 2013 at the Las Vegas Convention Center South Halls in the sunny entertainment capital of the world.

October 21 will feature a full day of Pubcon Masters Group search and social media training, with the official Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 conference taking place on October 22 – 24. The exhibition hall will be open on October 23 – 24 from 9:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, supported by the industry's leading businesses, speakers,

Pubcon Las Vegas

exhibitors, and sponsors involved in social media, Internet marketing, search engines, and online advertising, will offer a week-long look at the future of technology presented by many of the world's top speakers.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will be among the biggest and boldest gathering of search and social media innovators we have ever assembled, offering an unrivaled highly-productive conference experience at cost-effective rates, and with the leading technology and online marketing

Pubcon Las Vegas

visionaries who will be in Las Vegas, we are confident that every attendee will come away with valuable new ideas and solutions for their businesses.

Pubcon truly starts where other search and social media conferences end, and during our Las Vegas conference in October a valuable vision for the future will be presented by a virtual who's who of technology. Join thousands of leading search and social media professionals from around the world for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, and learn more about the event with the information on this page, including the following Pubcon video.




Matt Cutts
Google Webspam Team Leader
Pubcon Las Vegas 2013
Keynote Speaker

Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten
UnMarketing President
Pubcon Las Vegas 2013
Keynote Speaker

Jason Calacanis, CEO, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Keynote Speaker

Jason Calacanis CEO
Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Keynote Speaker

Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, the search marketing event of the year, will feature a major keynote address by Google’s popular head quality control engineer and webspam team leader Matt Cutts. For over dozen years Cutts has led many major webspam and engineering initiatives that have helped propel Google to becoming one of the world’s most successful businesses.

UnMarketing’s president and popular digital marketing personality Scott Stratten — the man behind “Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.” — will also present a major keynote address during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

Noted Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, chief executive and founder of and longtime angel investor, will present the kick-off keynote during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.


Some of the key players shaping the future of the Web, social media, and digital marketing have come to Pubcon over the years to tell their stories and share their visions with our attendees.

Pubcon keynote speakers have included Zappos chief executive Tony Hsieh, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, authors Malcolm Gladwell, Guy Kawasaki and Robert X. Cringely, Demand Media co-founder Richard Rosenblatt, technology enthusiast John Battelle, and noted author and New York Times technology columnist David Pogue, among many other top keynote personalities.


Michael Slaby PubCon Keynote Speaker

Michael Slaby

Obama For America
Chief Innovation Officer

Dave McClure PubCon Keynote Speaker

Dave McClure

Founding Partner 500 Startups

Chris Pirillo PubCon Keynote Speaker

Chris Pirillo

Malcolm Gladwell PubCon Keynote Speaker

"Tipping Point," "Blink"

Dr. Robert Cialdini PubCon Keynote Speaker

Dr. Robert Cialdini
Bestselling “Influence” Author

Doc Searls PubCon Keynote Speaker

Doc Searls
Pioneering Digital Marketer

Shakil Khan PubCon Keynote Speaker

Shakil Khan
Head of Special Projects: Spotify

Terry Jones PubCon Keynote Speaker

Terry Jones

Travelocity Founder, Kayak Chairman

David Pogue PubCon Keynote Speaker

David Pogue
Technology Writer
New York Times

Leo Laporte PubCon Keynote Speaker

Leo Laporte
Emmy Award-
Winning Broadcaster

David Pogue PubCon Keynote Speaker

Tim Mayer
Technology Adviser

Matt Cutts PubCon Keynote Speaker

Matt Cutts
Search Quality Control

Sarah Evans PubCon Keynote Speaker

Sarah Evans
Sevans Strategy

Chris Brogan PubCon Keynote Speaker

Chris Brogan
New Marketing Labs

Scott Stratten PubCon Keynote Speaker

Scott Stratten

Brian Clark PubCon Keynote Speaker

Brian Clark

Tony Hsieh PubCon Keynote Speaker

Tony Hsieh

Rob Snell PubCon Keynote Speaker

Rob Snell
Managing Partner
Gun Dog Supply

Bob Brisco PubCon Keynote Speaker

Bob Brisco
Internet Brands

George Wright PubCon Keynote Speaker

George Wright
VP Marketing and Sales

Craig Newmark PubCon Keynote Speaker

Craig Newmark

Guy Kawasaki PubCon Keynote Speaker

Guy Kawasaki
Managing Director
Garage Technology Ventures

David Pogue PubCon Keynote Speaker

Daniel Boberg

Richard Rosenblatt PubCon Keynote Speaker

Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO
Demand Media

Robert X. Cringely PubCon Keynote Speaker

X. Cringely
Author, Producer
PBS Online
The Pulpit

Satya Nadella PubCon Keynote Speaker

Satya Nadella
Senior VP, Search, MSN Portal and Advertising Group

Shawn Rorick PubCon Keynote Speaker

Shawn Rorick
Author, New Media Strategist
Emerging Marketer Inc.

Philip Kaplan PubCon Keynote Speaker

Philip Kaplan

John Battelle PubCon Keynote Speaker

John Battelle
Founder, Chairman
Federated Media Publishing

John Von Tetzchner PubCon Keynote Speaker

Von Tetzchner
Opera Software

Danny Sullivan PubCon Keynote Speaker

Danny Sullivan
Editor-In-Chief, Founder

Noel McMichael PubCon Keynote Speaker

Noel McMichael
Founder, President, CEO

Andy  Bourland PubCon Keynote Speaker

Andy Bourland
ClickZ Network



Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will feature multiple sub-conferences of cutting-edge sessions highlighting hundreds of the world's best technology speakers.

Many of these top speakers who will present sessions in Las Vegas consider Pubcon to be their favorite event, and their enthusiasm for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will be apparent as attendees will be treated to insights, education and research that just won't be shared at any other conference but Pubcon.

We feel that it's important for Pubcon attendees to gain valuable "take-aways" from sessions, and that's why we provide every full conference pass holder with a download containing all of the conference presentation files immediately after the conclusion of Pubcon, as a way to say thank you and to help you keep implementing the plans and insight presented in our sessions throughout the year and long into the future.


At Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Klout and other social media services will play a larger role than ever.

All aspects of successfully marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Klout and location-aware services such as Foursquare will be covered by marketing, social media, search and programming experts, with multiple tracks featuring sessions such as "The Psychology Of Facebook Conversion," "Twitter And Social Media From The P.R. Experts," and other unique offerings such as "Google Places And Hotpot Optimization," that promise to take social media insight to new heights.

"Pubcon is going to be so well-documented on Twitter," Google head of Web spam Matt Cutts said at our Pubcon South event in Austin, Texas. His prediction came true as discussion about Pubcon using the #Pubcon hash tag became Twitter's most popular term for a period during that conference, and at every Pubcon since then conference-goers have enjoyed tweeting questions to speakers and fellow audience members during many sessions, a trend that is sure to continue during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.


Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will feature many search and social media exhibitors, with additional information available on the Pubcon Sponsors and Pubcon Exhibitors pages.

For 2013 the Pubcon exhibition hall is tentatively scheduled to be open on October 23 – 24.

Prospective sponsors and exhibitors, please click here to request more information.

Space is limited and exhibition and sponsorship packages are on a first-come-first serve basis for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013. Don't miss out on the opportunity to have your company represented at PubCon Las Vegas 2013.


Pubcon often serves as a launching ground for major new products and services from some of the largest Internet firms, such as Google's Pubcon launch of its Disavow Tool and Friend Connect API initiative and similar product announcement from Microsoft, Twitter and other firms.
During Pubcon Las Vegas 2011 Google launched Business Pages for Google Plus. “We launched Google Plus Pages For Businesses just earlier at Pubcon on Monday,” Google head quality control engineer and webspam team leader Matt Cutts told Pubcon audiences during his keynote address. Pubcon Las Vegas is the place to be when exciting new technologies are launched.


In association with joint headline sponsors Majestic SEO and Manual Link Building and trade association partner Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO),

U.S. Search Awards At Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

U.S. Search Awards At Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

Pubcon is thrilled to be hosting the inaugural U.S. Search Awards during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, the search marketing event of the year.

The Search Awards — featuring a strong panel of judges — recognize and reward organizations, agencies and individuals based or working in the U.S. search and digital marketing industries, and the awards are now open for entries.

The U.S. Search Awards follow the success of the U.K. Search Awards and the European Search Awards which were launched by British events agency Don’t Panic in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Both awards have become key celebrations for the search industry in those territories.

The U.S. Search Awards will feature 22 categories and a Grand Prix prize, and will be presented at an awards ceremony on the evening of Wednesday, October 23 at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

The esteemed panel of judges includes Rand Fishkin, chief executive at Moz (formerly

Strong Panel Of Judges

Strong Panel Of Judges

SEOmoz), publishers Bryan Eisenberg and Jeffrey Eisenberg, Chris Boggs, global chair at SEMPO and chief marketing officer at Internet Marketing Ninjas, Bruce Clay Inc. president Bruce Clay, Majestic SEO U.S. brand ambassador Mel Carson, Bing Webmaster Tools senior product manager Duane Forrester, Search Engine Watch associate editor Danny Goodwin, Back Azimuth
Consulting president Bill Hunt, Latitude managing director Richard Gregory, Beyond Ink managing partner Anne Kennedy, Link Fish Media owner Julie Joyce, Omni Marketing Interactive founder and SEO director Shari Thurow, FMB Media chief executive David Szetela, and SEO Book founder Aaron Wall.

This knowledgeable group of all-star industry leaders will judge all entries received

Pubcon Las Vegas

Pubcon Las Vegas

before the entry deadline of Friday, July 19.

For complete information about the U.S. Search Awards and how to submit an entry, visit the official website at, and follow @ussearchawards on Twitter to keep track of the latest search awards news with the #ussearchawards hashtag.


Pubcon has an extraordinarily diverse pool of talent helping to guide our conferences, led by the members of our Pubcon Advisory Board that includes:

Guy Kawasaki Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures
Tim Mayer Vice President of Product Management, Yahoo! Search
Justin Osmer Senior Product Manager, Bing, Microsoft Corporation
SVP of Search Strategy, Digitas
Adam Lasnik Program Manager, Google Map Maker
President, Enquiro Search Solutions
Rick Schwartz Rick Schwartz, CEO Traffic Conference
Greg Boser Copy Blogger
Lloyd Martin
President and CEO, SuccessWorks
George Roberts President and CEO,
Jim Stobb CEO, Position Tech
Joe Laratro President, Tandem Interactive
Ted Ulle (In memoriam) Partner, The MEWS Group
Jake Baillie Managing Director, STN Labs
Todd Friesen Vice President of Search, Position Technologies
Jim Boykin CEO, We Build Pages
Thomas Ball Venture Partner, Austin Ventures
Chris Tolles CEO, Topix

The Pubcon Advisory Board will bring energy and variety to Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

If our Las Vegas 2013 conference will be your first Pubcon, we have several helpful guides and collections of tips available to make your experience smooth and efficient.

If you'd like to come to Pubcon but are looking for ways to make it happen at your company, we show both the educational and monetary value of Pubcon in "Top Tips to Get Your Boss to Send You to a Conference," by Pubcon founder Brett Tabke, who takes a light-hearted look at why it is worthwhile to make an effort to attend.

Pubcon has always been the premier social media and optimization conference, at a surprisingly affordable price, and Tabke explains how we manage to do it in his "Keeping Conferences Affordable and Fun" guide.

If you're already registered for Pubcon and planning how to best organize your time during the busy October week, have a look at "Conference Survivor – Sports and Games: (Pubcon fun)," a look at some of the creative ways you can get more from the Pubcon experience.

If you'd like to know what Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 holds in store, look no further than our Pubcon History Archives, and check out our Pubcon photo-retrospective piece called "You Never Know Who You'll Run Into At Pubcon," highlighting some of the celebrities who have attended Pubcon.

Each year a number of Pubcon conference-goers write handy blog posts with their own tips and advice for getting the most out of the event, and some offerings are listed here:

Pubcon office manager Cathy Benavides offers her tips for"Optimizing Your Suitcase For Pubcon."

Dr. Peter J. Meyers, or "Dr. Pete," president of User Effect has offered his "Seven Tips For Surviving Pubcon" on the SEOmoz blog.

Pubcon speaker Heather Lloyd-Martin has written "15 Tips For A Successful Pubcon Conference."

Chris Hooley, a Pubcon speaker, has written a "Pubcon Is Coming!"preview.

Pubcon speaker Michael Dorausch has written about his "Five Pubcon Badge Essentials."

The Hosting News has written about Pubcon in his "Are You Heading To Pubcon? You Should Be" blog post.

A large collection of media coverage from the last Pubcon can also help show how successfully Pubcon works.

What you can do to prepare for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013:

  • Webmasters: Talk to the companies you already work with and arrange meetings while at Pubcon Las Vegas. There is nothing like a face-to-face meeting to generate new leads, work new angles, and iron out any problems.
  • Affiliates: Talk to those running your current programs and ask if they are attending Pubcon. Let them know that you are coming to Pubcon, and ask to arrange time to talk.
  • Search Engine Marketers: Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will offer a rare chance to talk to representatives from the major search and social media firms, and to your clients.
  • Program managers: One-on-one customer support and client maintenance is a rare opportunity. Call your existing clients and invite them to Pubcon.
  • Bring Your Friends: Be a hero. Invite them. After all, it is sunny
    Las Vegas in October.


If you'd like to share your enthusiasm for the upcoming Pubcon
Las Vegas 2013 show, try our

Get Pubcon Banners

Pubcon Web banner images available to include on your website, social media pages or blogs.

We are also working on an all-new Pubcon Rewards Affiliate Program that has been designed to thank our partners who help promote Pubcon, by offering special discounts.


To help you pick from so many tracks at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, comprising 100 or more session choices, we encourage you to take advantage of our online "Build Your Show Itinerary" feature, which Tabke explains in detail in his "Pubcon Conference Itinerary Builder" piece.


Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will be bigger than ever before, with many sub-conferences of
specialized sessions, an intensive educational search and social media training program, top-notch keynote speakers and an unrivaled slate of after-hours parties, TweetUps and networking events including our famous Pubcon Ironman of after-hours networking events.

In addition to our huge lineup of daytime conference events, the Pubcon party scene is also set to make our 2013 event an ultra-marathon of famous
Las Vegas nightlife, with a party lineup that is sure to grow as Pubcon draws near.

Put on your running shoes, or at least your party shoes, and plan your Pubcon nighttime events using our handy events guide published as the October 21 -24 dates get closer, featuring times and locations for events.

In addition to Pubcon's Ironman schedule of after-hours parties, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will feature the famous Pubcon Classic, an informal networking event giving attendees a chance to rub elbows with friends both new and old in a relaxed environment.

Expanding Pubcon beyond the cutting-edge keynotes, training programs and Pubcon Classic Networking Event sessions is Pubcon's annual classic party, a tradition dating back to the very first Pubcon. This traditional event gives Pubcon attendees a great opportunity to network with new friends and business contacts in a relaxed, informal environment set in a Las Vegas pub-like environment.


Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is the officially-recommend hotel for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, and offers many lounges and bars where attendees can network, including its famous Center Bar and new Luxe Bar.


Pubcon will hold a day-long multiple-track slate of intensive educational search and social media training programs, called the Pubcon Masters Group, during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

The Pubcon Master's Group Training Program will take place on Monday, October 21, the day before the full conference officially begins, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with up to four simultaneous tracks of in-depth sessions led by some of the industry's most respected search, social media, pay-per-click (PPC), corporate in-house SEO and landing page optimization professionals.

Due to the intimate nature of this training, the size of the class will be limited.

This intensive full day of expert-led training is available for a special standalone low price. There are also additional discounts available with a full Pubcon conference registration. Please see the registration page for more information on pricing.

Please note that the Pubcon Master's Group pre-conference training typically sells out early, so reserve your spot today.


Pubcon regularly holds “Pubcon Labs” during our conferences. Information about this year’s Pubcon Labs is here, and registered attendees will receive an e-mail invitation to choose which speakers they wish to meet with. events for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

The Pubcon Labs event is hosted by a variety of top speakers leading conversations about search, social media and Internet marketing subjects.
Our Pubcon Labs gives you the opportunity to get close to some of Pubcon's top speakers and spend time discussing the industry topics they know the best, all in a relaxed one-on-one environment around a table.

Pubcon Labs presents gold and platinum PubCon attendees the valuable opportunity to sit down at a private table and talk one-on-one with top Pubcon speakers, in this exciting event that debuted during Pubcon Las Vegas 2011.


Meet your favorite new media and optimization authors and have them sign copies of their books at the Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Barnes & Noble author book signing booth in the exhibition hall.

Get up close with many of the outstanding authors who will also be speaking throughout the week of October 21 -24.

A complete schedule is available here.


We expect to once again team up with a number of search and social media firms to offer special cross-promotional Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 registration rates. These special deals have sold out quickly during past events, so keep posted to be notified when they become available by subscribing to the Pubcon blog.


Pubcon has selected Hard Rock Hotel & Casino as the officially recommended conference hotel for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, which takes place at the Las Vegas

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Convention Center.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is one of the most

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

exciting full-featured resorts in Las Vegas, offering excellent amenities and a prime location in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world, and we’re delighted to select it as the recommended conference hotel of Pubcon Las Vegas 2013. View full hotel details on the Pubcon lodging and venue page.


Pubcon is often able to offer conference attendees discount airfares with certain airlines, and we will announce any such discounts for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 on our blog.


Once again we’ve teamed up with Dollar Rent A Car and Budget Rent A Car to offer special discount vehicle rental rates during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

Dollar Rent A Car Pubcon Discount

Dollar Rent A Car Pubcon Discount

Both Dollar Rent A Car and Budget Rent A Car have cut both daily and weekly prices for Pubcon attendees looking to avoid taxicab waits and enjoy the convenience and freedom of driving a rental car, convertible or premium vehicle while in Las Vegas.

Reduced Pubcon rates for a wide range of vehicles — from sporty convertibles perfect for driving on The Strip to minivans, premium, compact and other sizes of cars — can all be reserved for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, the premier social media and optimization conference, by using the Budget or Dollar discount codes.


Getting to and from Pubcon, the premier new media and optimization conference, has
never been easier, more convenient or as much of a bargain, thanks to discount
tickets on the Las Vegas Monorail for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

Use the Las Vegas Monorail to get to and from Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 at the
Las Vegas Convention Center south halls without the hassles of taxis, traffic
and wasted time. Attendees, exhibitors and sponsors will be able to buy
tickets using a special Pubcon link on the Las Vegas Monorail Web site to
take advantage of discount rates, and save on an unlimited seven-day

Whether you’re in Las Vegas attending Pubcon or traveling the Strip for
any of the after-hours Pubcon events throughout the
week, the Monorail is quick and convenient, with trains arriving every few

The Las Vegas Monorail is fun to ride and at just 15 minutes or less away
from any Las Vegas Boulevard Strip hotel (PDF
Monorail Map
) with a monorail stop, often even quicker than a cab ride.

The Las Vegas Convention Center stop is directly in front of the convention
center where Pubcon is located. An interactive route map is available on
the Las Vegas Monorail Web site,
and complete information about our 2013 monorail discount is
available here.

Hop on for a one-way trip or pick up an unlimited seven-day special pass
for the freedom to travel at your leisure throughout Pubcon.


Taxi cabs are another convenient way to get around Las Vegas during Pubcon,
with lines of taxi cabs and minivans regularly lined up at the front entrances
to the Las Vegas Convention Center where Pubcon is held, and at all the
major hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

The phone numbers of several of the major taxi cab companies in Las Vegas
are listed here for your convenience:

  • Lucky Cab Co – – (702) 732-4400
  • Yellow-Checker-Star – – (702) 873-2000
  • Henderson Taxi – – (702) 384-2322
  • Desert Cab On Demand – – (702) 386-9102

Taxi cabs in Las Vegas are licensed by the State of Nevada under the authority
of the Nevada Taxicab Authority, which maintains a list of all city taxi
cab companies and rate information on it's

official Web site

The Las Vegas Convention Center is located at 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas,
Nevada, 89109. (map)


Make a splash and arrive at Pubcon in true Las Vegas style next month with complementary limousine service provided by SEO Web Hosting during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 at the Las Vegas

SEO Web Hosting

SEO Web Hosting

Convention Center.

Taking a ride in a luxurious stretch limousine can often be as economical
as a trip in a plain taxi cab when booked among a group of Pubcon friends.

What better way to arrive in style at Pubcon than in a specialty theme limousine
that can be more affordable than many would imagine.SEO Web Hosting Limo Offer

Attendees can save on luxurious and fun limousine rentals and convenient airport shuttles from Las Vegas Limousines. Complete information about our partnership with Las Vegas Limousines and Airline Shuttle Corp is available here.

If you aren’t arriving on Monday and taking advantage of SEO Web Hosting’s limo offer, the phone numbers of several of the top Las Vegas limousine companies are
listed here:

  • Las Vegas Limousines – (888) 696-4400
  • Presidential Limousine – (702) 731-5577
  • On Demand Sedan & Limousine – (702) 876-2222
  • Limousines of Nevada LLC – (702) 252-7212
  • Ambassador Limousine – (702) 362-6200
  • CLS Nevada – (702) 740-4545
  • Diamond Transportation Limousine Las Vegas –
    (800) 690-1959


The Pubcon Video Blog showcases past, present and potential future Pubcon speakers in thought-provoking interviews.

Watch Pubcon-produced video interviews with many of the "Who's Who" of top search and social media marketers, webmasters and technology innovators, and learn as they speak on a wide range of the Internet-related subjects that are the trademark of Pubcon conferences, including many from our previous conferences.


Follow Pubcon on Twitter, and subscribe to the Pubcon blog mailing list to receive updates about upcoming show registration, keynote speakers, conference hotels and more. Other ways to keep up with Pubcon include joining our Pubcon Facebook group, LinkedIn page, Pubcon Flickr feed, plus Pubcon's Pinterest, Google Plus, Klout, and Wikipedia pages.

Users of Foursquare can also keep track of Pubcon attendees who use these location-based services. See our Pubcon social media contact page for more information.


With more than a decade of success, the history of Pubcon is virtually the story of search and social media itself. Explore Pubcon's complete history archives, and watch some of our special tenth anniversary fun in the following Pubcon video.


As Pubcon returns to Las Vegas, full of energy and excitement, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 will be jam-packed with leading-edge sessions and one-of-a-kind presentations.

Whether you are a newbie or an anchored old school pro, there are big discoveries in store at Pubcon
Las Vegas 2013.

Search engine and social media marketers, optimizers, marketing executives, webmasters, affiliate managers, program and channel managers, purchasing agents and affiliates are just some of the people who will make up the crowds at Pubcon this year in
Las Vegas.

Register online early and save. Early sign-up periods may vary, so please check the registration page for the latest updates. Exhibitors are given discount coupons to hand out, so feel free to check with them for further savings. There are also additional discounts for groups of four or more people.


  1. High Level of Content : Each Pubcon track or sub-conference is focused on a specific aspect of marketing featuring topics that are important to your marketing and traffic-acquisition strategies. We focus on some of the hottest trends and topics by asking speakers to prepare part of their presentation just prior to Pubcon, resulting in discussions that cover the very latest trends.
  2. Networking : The WebmasterWorld community started Pubcon in an English Pub where attendees got together to learn from and interact with others in their market space. Networking is readily available at breakfast, lunch, during session breaks, and well into the night at Pubcon's many cocktail hours and parties.
  3. Prime-Time Speakers : Pubcon attendees will hear and talk with the earlyadopting who's who of Internet marketing, at the conference widely recognized as the speakers conference, where speakers come to learn as well as to share their vast knowledge.
  4. Post-Conference Networking Resources : Pubcon attendees receive a bound printed manual of the show, and a download full of all Pubcon presentation PowerPoints is made available for all full conference attendees.
  5. Takeaways : Pubcon presentations always end with at least one specific takeaway that you can apply to your business' own projects.
  6. Test Yourself : By spending time with others in your field at Pubcon
    Las Vegas 2013, you'll get an accurate idea of how your skill set stacks up, and gain valuable insight into which areas of your work you may need to focus on for continued growth and success.
  7. Value : We realize how much you have invested in attending a conference. Pubcon strives to provide the best value available in search and social media marketing conferences today, offering direct value in the form of education, new contacts, professional relationships, vendors and partnerships.
  8. Vendors : Use Pubcon as an opportunity to talk with vendors about their services that you use or may wish to try, in the Pubcon exhibit hall.
  9. Professional : Pubcon has had more than a decade of success, with event management roots running over 20 years. From registration to at-the-show services, Pubcon engages in a professional yet personal touch that stands out in an oftentimes crowded field.
  10. Your Clients, customers, and especially your competitors will attend. 'Nuff said.

Need more reasons to attend? "101 Reasons For Coming To Pubcon" offers many more, and see what past attendees have to say on the Pubcon testimonials page, and here.