PubCon Keynote by Craig Newmark

Guy Kawasaki
Search Engine Conference at Las Vegas Covention Center
Guy Kawasaki:

Founder and Director of Garage Technology Ventures - author of The Art of The Start, and author of Rules for Revolutionaries.

The Art of The Start

We are proud to announce that Guy Kawasaki will be keynoting at Vegas.

I heard guy talk at a Chicago conference about a year ago. With his real world tech rich background, I knew we just had to get Guy to a PubCon. It is rare any more that you run into someone in the tech space that has Guys rich history of business experience who can communicate a message in such a dynamic way. Most VC's I have talked with know tech from the newspaper or a text book. Guy knows tech from the inside of companies such as history with Apple computers. Not only has Guy had a ton of real world experience - he is an accomplished author of seven books as well. If you have not read any of his books, we would recommend reading The Art of The Start. It is an outstanding blow-by-blow account of how a small business should get "outta the garage".

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