Introduction to SEO & Keyword Research

In this Pubcon Skype video, Karner Blue Marketing chief strategist and president Rebecca Murtagh presented an introduction to search engine optimization (SEO) by defining what it is, how to approach it by optimizing all digital assets, on-site and off, and also how to approach keyword research.

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Murtagh said she takes a marketing approach to SEO and suggested first getting a thinking process going before selecting keywords in order to see better results. “How you approach SEO makes a difference,” Murtagh said. If you offer search engines what they seek, they will do the rest for you, Murtagh continued, adding that search engines are looking for the data to connect you to the user, while also taking into consideration relationships via social media, authority, and relevance. SEO is inclusive of all digital assets including text, images, video, RSS, profiles, updates, and links, Murtagh said. Murtagh explained in detail the four stages of the purchase experience, which serve as an opportunity to reach an audience or customers via keywords related to the brand, research, comparison, and purchase stages of the buying cycle. In conclusion, Murtagh shared why choosing Wordtracker to do keyword research is optimal and why using Google’s AdWords keyword research tool can sometimes be a mistake.

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