Internet Marketing Ninjas Is Top Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 Platinum Sponsor

Pubcon, the premier social media and optimization conference now in its 15th year, presents our Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 event at the Las VegasInternetMarketingNinjasLogo300x250 Convention Center thanks in part to the generous support of platinum sponsor Internet Marketing Ninjas, which was also our platinum-level sponsor for Pubcon New Orleans 2014 earlier this year.

Internet Marketing Ninjas is a noted full service Internet marketing firm with a stellar reputation dating back to 1999 when it was founded as We Build Pages, and for 2014 the growing company continues as a Pubcon Platinum Sponsor and major exhibitor during Pubcon Las Vegas 2014.

The Clifton Park, New York-based firm offers link-building, social mediaInternet Marketing Ninjas Founder Jim Boykin at Pubcon marketing, content creation, SEO analysis, Web design, SEO speaking and consulting, along with state-of-the-art usability analysis and reputation management, and we’re excited to once again have Internet Marketing Ninjas’ backing as a top-tier major Platinum Sponsor for Pubcon Las Vegas 2014.

“We’re glad to once again have Internet Marketing Ninjas on board as a major Platinum Sponsor for our big Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 conference,” said Pubcon founder and chief executive Brett Tabke. “Company founder Jim Boykin and his company have been long-timePubcon Platinum Sponsor Internet Marketing Ninjas at Pubcon New Orleans Expo Hall. Photo: Tim Ash supporters of Pubcon, including Platinum sponsorships each of the past three years, and with the continued strong success and growth the firm has seen we’re happy to have Internet Marketing Ninjas back again as one of our top conference sponsors,” Tabke added.

“I’ve been a member of WebmasterWorld since 2002 and I’ve been attending the Pubcon conferences since 2003,” Internet Marketing Ninjas chief executive Boykin said earlier this year. In 2012 Boykin’s firm purchased WebmasterWorld, Developer Shed, SEO Chat and most recently it acquired Threadwatch.

“Out of all the conferences I attend each year, Pubcon events are my favorites. I always end up leaving Pubcon with new ideas and connections that help me to grow my own knowledge and company,” Boykin noted of Pubcon.

During Pubcon Las Vegas 2014, which is held on October 6 – 9, representatives from Internet Marketing Ninjas will be available in Pubcon’sPubcon New Orleans. Photo: Tim Ash. large exhibit hall to discuss the firms’ increasingly-popular services.

“I feel extremely lucky and very honored to be able to help support the Pubcon conferences. I’m really looking forward to taking a bunch of my ninjas to Pubcon for training again in 2014. Giving my staff a chance to network and learn from Pubcon presenters is one of the best investments I’ve ever made,” Boykin noted.

“Internet Marketing Ninjas is happy to again be a Pubcon supporter by being a Platinum Sponsor for Pubcon Las Vegas 2014,” Boykin said.

“Don’t forget to swing by our Pubcon exhibit hall booths to pick up some of our ninja gear and we’ll show you how to look at the world through rainbowPubcon New Orleans 2014 Platinum Sponsor Internet Marketing Ninjas colored glasses,” Boykin added.

More information about Internet Marketing Ninjas is available on its website at

We thank Internet Marketing Ninjas for returning as a Platinum Sponsor and major exhibitor at our Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 event, and look forward to joining the firm for an outstanding week-long conference in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Register today at our lowest early-bird prices.

Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor
Team Pubcon

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