Improvement Tips for Your SEO/Social Media Campaigns from Jay Berkowitz

We all know that online marketing is an evolving industry and as it changes your tactics need to do

Jay Berkowitz, CEO, Ten Golden Rules

Jay Berkowitz, CEO, Ten Golden Rules

so as well. So how do you stay on top of the search industry and social media? Jay Berkowitz has some great insights on how you can improve your campaigns to see marketing success in the growing worlds of search and social media.

Are you familiar with the ABCs of SEO? You might know the goal—which is usually to dominate the first page of the Google SERPs. With so much happening on the first results page in Google, with paid ads, maps, Youtube, Google shopping—there are various online outlets you need to consider to have a thorough presence on the web.

Specifically, the ABCs are:

Architecture (essentials such as clean design, meta tags, site map)

Back Links (other sites linking to your website)

Content (keyword research, fresh and new material added frequently, aim for 250 words minimum)

And because acronyms are catchy, there’s a second one to get familiar with to elaborate on these ABCs, which is GPS:

GREAT content (featuring linkable tools and features, avoid link farms). Pay attention to Google

Pubcon New Orleans 2013

Pubcon New Orleans 2013

guidelines and the quality rater concept. Quality ratings come from sites that are attractive, relative, and have a certain level of trust are ideal. Design matters, such as how quickly your site is loading. Page speed is also an important element of your site to keep in mind. Google Webmaster Central outlines what it means to Google to be a high quality site. Refer to Google’s official resources if you are unsure of anything pertaining to your site. The resources are there and they are free!

PANDA! Panda was implemented by Google to try and provide better search results for users. Certain factors can keep the Google Panda on your side, which is essential in maintaining SEO efforts you’ve put it over time. High visitors, page speed, organic click through rates and where your traffic is coming from all have ties to Panda. Additionally, your site design holds value, and over-optimization can be detrimental.

SOCIAL signals, namely the Google+ authorship feature. Google+ is a Google entity and what you do within it will likely always contribute to your presence on Google. You’ve likely seen the search results with someone’s picture next to their content that they have created on their website or elsewhere on the web—this is linking a user with an authored piece within the web. Have social sharing enabled on your website!

Your website needs to be fully responsive, because increasingly more and more searchers access internet search from mobile devices. If your website doesn’t load quickly and doesn’t change to

Pubcon Las Vegas

Pubcon Las Vegas

mobile-friendly framework, people are likely to bounce. Responsive design should be implemented so that it is adaptable on a desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Of course, Google has outlined best practices for this responsive web design technique, so listen to their two cents on it. Test a variety of keywords and see where you have the most success. Additionally, you should test what causes users to convert on your site with a variety of landing pages and slightly altered text.

Investing your efforts into Facebook can be beneficial, because with sponsored stories, suggested stories, and promoted posts it’s easy to place your page on newsfeeds of people outside of your network. Facebook can be very productive in helping you to see how you are being talked about within Facebook. Pay more attention to the people talking about you rather than simply your page likes.

Are you utilizing all 5 types of remarketing? PPC retargeting, Facebook retargeting, email retargeting, YouTube retargeting, and Drip remarketing should all be active and in place for your brand or for your client.

Have a content calendar and cascading strategy mapped out to keep you productive and on track for creating engaging content. Once content is created, cascade that same content through social channels, videos, press releases and any other outlet that will help spread your latest creation.

Remember the Three Es of Social Media: