Get SEO Value From Your Content Marketing Campaign

A great SEO campaign just isn’t possible without a strong content marketing campaign. More and more search engine updates are focusing on the quality and value of your content, and less on the

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quantity. However, coming up with a steady stream of great and relevant content can be a daunting task for many site owners. Some struggle just to get a new blog post published every week, so how can they possibly be expected to ramp up their content marketing efforts just to appease the search engines and help their SEO campaign? The answer lies in content recycling — taking one piece of content and re-purposing it for another platform. Unlike article spinning, that takes one piece of content and just publishes it on dozens of sites, content recycling takes one piece of content and augments it to fit a new format.

Here are four ways you can get more SEO value from your current content marketing efforts with content recycling:

Use blog posts in company e-newsletter.

If you want to increase the amount of e-newsletters you send each month, consider using your

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previously published blog posts as content fodder. You can include the first paragraph of a few posts in the e-newsletter and invite your subscribers to read the rest of the posts directly on your blog. So how does this help your SEO? You’ll be driving more traffic to specific blog posts and giving them a second chance at being shared on social networks. The more times a piece of content is shared, liked, or tweeted on a social network the more valuable it becomes in the eyes of the search engines. By driving subscribers back to your blog itself and not just giving them all the content in the newsletter, you are delivering targeted visitors to your blog and website and have a better chance at converting them.

Post press releases directly to website.

When a press release goes out through a paid distribution site, the press release is published on

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that site, which means the distribution service benefits from all the promotion you do to help get that press release noticed and read by a wider audience. Why not get those valuable inbound links for your own site? Publish a slightly edited version of each press release on your site (with a unique URL) and promote that in all your social networks. Your site becomes the source of that press release and you reap the SEO benefits. Your site gets fresh content to give to the search engines and keeps those valuable inbound links augmenting your link portfolio.

Create static landing pages for white papers.

Instead of just posting all your white papers on a single page of your website, create unique landing pages for each white paper and optimize them for SEO. You can write up a few paragraphs that outline what the white paper is about and who would benefit from reading it — all the while targeting long tail keywords that will help bring the right people to the right white paper. And by creating a static landing page for each white paper you can always add the latest versions of the white paper (say you have a 2011 and 2012 version) and still keep the SEO value of that landing page.

Use webinars to fuel a video marketing campaign.

Video marketing campaigns don’t have to be particularly fancy or expensive in order to be effective.

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Sometimes simple video editing software is all you need. Take one of your recorded webinars and slice and dice it into two to three minute videos, each centering on a specific nugget of information. Many viewers don’t want to sit through your hour long webinar, but they will happily watch a short video to learn a valuable tip. Since making a webinar is such a time consuming task, this gives you the opportunity to make sure your efforts don’t go to waste and that webinar was worth it.

You can extend the shelf-life and SEO value of a piece of content with a content recycling take on your content marketing campaigns. You are investing a lot of time and energy to create this information and these relevant pieces of content, so why not get more bang for your buck. A strong content marketing campaign is going to lend itself to a successful SEO campaign and a better online presence for your brand.

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