Facebook Ad Optimization Tips with Dennis Yu

Facebook ads have come a long way since their debut in 2007. With continual updates and changes, it’s essential to know how to get the most bang for your Facebook buck. A big shift in late September

BlitzMetrics Chief Executive Dennis Yu

BlitzMetrics Chief Executive Dennis Yu

occurred where you lost newsfeed coverage and subsequent impressions. So then what’s driving the interaction? Engagement drives who is seeing what on their newsfeed, opening it up to more engagement such as likes and shares. Referral marketing, such as sharing contest entries on users walls, is often more valuable than the initial entry if you are offering something that people like. When people engage with your content in the newsfeed, paid or not, the algorithm sees the interaction and gives you more exposure.

Content posted in a newsfeed lasts in the user’s feed for about 30-45 minutes without engagement, and engagement can keep it around for much, much longer. The concept of a fan doesn’t matter anymore, in fact it died about 3 years ago. Your Facebook page fans don’t matter!  Liking a page does not mean that people will look at it or engage with anything your page posts.

Every Facebook ad that you are making should be done in PowerEditor. Conversion can be optimized to save spend in PowerEditor and cut Facebook marketing costs significantly. Use the free, Chrome-based add on for PowerEditor. You know about brand bidding on Google PPC, but do you know about brand bidding and how it works on Facebook? There are 1.2 billion searches per day in the Facebook search tabs. To show up in the search tab costs next to nothing, and you can choose related keywords to show up for as Facebook searchers begin to type for a specific brand or item—even competitor’s names. You can even use negation targeting to omit groups that you don’t want your ads to show up for. Lookalike audiences take an existing, custom target you have already set and created. Facebook does the legwork to find users similar to the ones you are targeting in an existing group. Amazing, and Facebook does all of the work!

Critical points to running Facebook ads:

The newsfeed is where it’s at. Right hand ads are done. Tabs on the page? Also dead.

40% of traffic comes from the newsfeed., and the CTR on mobile and desktop in newsfeed is much higher.

Never buy through Facebook sales reps, and the Premium Ads are a waste of time and money.

Build your page, connect with fans, engage with quality content, and influence friends of fans with your page’s engagement. Collect email addresses to track ROI.

Again, PowerEditor is where the Facebook magic happens for ads. First off, understand Facebook—it

BlitzMetrics Chief Executive Dennis Yu

BlitzMetrics Chief Executive Dennis Yu

breaks down demographics in different ways than Google search. Your goal in Google is to go for the keyword, and in Facebook you have to bring that keyword search out to a broader place. Facebook targets by and/or based demographics and interests.

Bid on competitor search terms, send them to a tab with your best converting landing page, stick it on a Facebook tab and reap the benefits of remarketing. Then, the ads will continue to show to users in the newsfeed among other user posts in their network. This all happens within Facebook.