Expand Your Horizons And Keep Learning At Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

Going to a professional educational social media and online marketing conference such as Pubcon is a great way to expand your online strategies and horizons, jump-start and re-energize your business

Pubcon Las Vegas Photo: Tim Ash

Pubcon Las Vegas
Photo: Tim Ash

and yourself, and to make learning a lifelong pursuit.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 is an intensive week-long gathering of the world’s top technologists specializing in new media, optimization, and all manner of online marketing, where thousands of attendees fill the Las Vegas Convention Center for days filled with more than 150 educational panel sessions featuring over 200 speakers and evenings full of a wide range of networking parties and events.

There’s no better way to improve your business’ social media, digital marketing, and optimization plans than to come to a week-long conference, and Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 — recently named a Forbes must-attend conference — offers not only more sessions, topic tracks, major keynotes, and

Pubcon Las Vegas

Pubcon Las Vegas

networking events, but an astonishingly high level of quality speakers and major exhibitors, making Pubcon the smart place to be this October 21 – 24.

If you’ve never been to a conference before, make the relatively small and fairly-priced commitment to attend Pubcon, and be prepared to soon be asking yourself what so many of our first-time attendees have told us:  “What took me so long to make it here?” Our testimonials speak for themselves.

Again and again new attendees tell their colleagues and newly-made Pubcon friends how the strategies they learned in just one of our sessions ended up paying for their conference registration

Photo: Michael Dorausch

Pubcon Las Vegas
Photo: Michael Dorausch

and trip many times over, and stories abound from people who have attributed the success of many major start-ups and expansion of existing firms directly to knowledge and connections made at Pubcon.

Pubcon isn’t solely about the world-class formal sessions, but about the amazing people who come together once or twice a year to share in ways that just don’t happen at any other conference, thanks in part to Pubcon’s 13+ year history of informally getting together and roots going back to a small pub gathering of industry friends.

Whether Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 this fall will be your first or your five-hundredth technology

Pubcon Las Vegas

Pubcon Las Vegas

conference, we look forward to having you join us for a uniquely strong week of the very best social media and digital marketing learning, and major keynotes by Google’s popular head quality control engineer and webspam team leader
Matt Cutts
, noted Internet entrepreneur and chief executive and founder of Inside.com Jason Calacanis, and UnMarketing president and popular digital marketing personality Scott Stratten.

Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor
Team Pubcon