Getting Your Enterprise SEO Campaign Rolling

For the most part, the same principles of search engine optimization (SEO) that apply to a small business website are exactly the same for a large enterprise. The biggest difference really is just the scale of an enterprise SEO

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campaign; the larger the campaign the longer it takes to get the ball rolling. Since SEO is so long term, it’s important to get your SEO campaign up and running as soon as possible so it can start to have a positive effect on your website.

Here are three tips to help get your enterprise SEO campaign rolling along, and to keep it moving forward.:

  • Optimize high-priority pages first.

Depending on how large your enterprise site is — and it could easily be thousands of pages — you don’t want to wait until every single page is optimized before you start going live with your SEO changes — it’ll never get done! Instead, determine which pages of your website are of the highest priority for your company. This could be product pages that generate the most revenue, product pages with the highest profit potential, a resource center used to generate quality leads and so forth. Keep in mind that doing keyword research on a page-by-page basis and optimizing the content — sometimes even rewriting the content — can take a long time, especially if you’ve never done any serious on-site SEO before and are starting fresh. Even if your in-house SEO specialist or SEO provider is only optimizing 20 — 50 pages a month, you’re going to start seeing improvements as time goes by as those top pages get optimized.

  • Know who to rope in and when to cut them out.

One of the biggest issues I’ve seen hinder enterprise SEO success is the sheer amount of red tape

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that exists at large companies, and the never-ending chain of command that needs to approve every step of everything before action can be taken. Don’t let that stand in the way of your SEO campaign! Determine who needs to be involved in the SEO process and at what stages so you can always be moving forward. For instance, does the social media manager need to be included in discussions about a high-level navigation redesign? Do your copywriters get to add their two cents when it comes to what long-tail keywords you want to target? In order to have a great enterprise SEO campaign you need to make sure there aren’t too many hands involved at once. Getting approval is important, but know whose approval you need and when to avoid any snags.

  • Be aware of external factors that could affect your SEO progress.

Since SEO is so long-term, it’s important to keep in mind any external issues coming down the pipeline that could impact your enterprise SEO campaign. For instance, does your company have any

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new products coming out in the next six months? Those new pages of content will need to be added to the “to be optimized” queue. You could even consider optimizing them before they go live to get them started on the right SEO foot. Are there any major PR pushes or advertising campaigns starting or ending soon? Online marketing efforts such as these tend to drive a lot of branded traffic to a site, so it could impact your overall visitor growth — for better or worse — down the road.

Every enterprise is different, but in my experience the biggest obstacle to enterprise SEO success usually boils down to getting the campaign rolling! SEO is constantly changing and evolving, so trying to nail down every single detail before you start executing your on-site and link-building campaigns is only going to slow the process down even more. Stay focused, keep moving and don’t panic!

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