Don’t Miss Pubcon New Orleans 2013′s Masters Group SMM And SMO Training

An updated and expanded Pubcon Masters Group social media marketing and optimization track,

Krista Neher, CEO, BootCampDigital

Krista Neher, CEO, BootCampDigital

now featuring BootCampDigital chief executive Krista Neher, is one of three training tracks scheduled to take place on Monday, April 22 during Pubcon New Orleans 2013, the premier new media and search conference on tap at the New Orleans Convention Center April 22 – 25.

The improved Pubcon Masters Group social media marketing track will feature workshops on Facebook and Twitter advertising optimization and marketing and other social media subjects, with’s social media scientist Dan Zarrella, BlitzMetrics chief executive and Facebook marketing expert Dennis Yu, and interactive copywriter and social media consultant Alison Zarrella, Neher, and Jabez LeBret, director of marketing at Get Noticed Get Found.

Alison Zarrella Interactive Copywriter & Social Media Consultant

Dan Zarrella
Social Media Scientist

Dennis Yu — BlitzMetrics CEO

Jabez LeBret: Chief Innovation Officer, Get Noticed Get Found


Krista Neher: Boot Camp Digital CEO


Dan Zarrella is an award-winning social media, search and viral marketing scientist and is the author of “Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness,” “The Social Media Marketing Book” and “The Facebook Marketing Book.” He has a background in Web development and combines his

BlitzMetrics Chief Executive Dennis Yu

programming capabilities with a passion for social marketing to study social media behavior from a data-backed position and teach marketers scientifically grounded best practices.

Yu is co-founder and CEO at BlitzMetrics, a software company that builds social media dashboards for major brands, media, and retail companies, specializing in the intersection of local and Facebook advertising. Yu is an entrepreneur and internationally-recognized speaker in search engine marketing and all things Facebook. His areas of expertise include social media Interactive Copywriter & Social Media Consultant Alison Zarrella

advertising and marketing, search marketing technical analysis, and pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign development and optimization.

Alison Zarrella is an interactive copywriter and social media strategist with a strong background in advertising and marketing. She has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from small, local businesses to international brands and is the co-author of “The Facebook Marketing Book” from O’Reilly. She currently works as a social media manager in Las Vegas while running her own social media consultancy.

LeBret is renowned for his SEO success and social media conversion strategies for LinkedIn,

Get Noticed Get Found Chief Innovation Officer Jabez LeBret

Facebook and Google Plus, and for strong traffic strategy and client learning and development techniques. Over the past nine years LeBret has delivered more than 900 presentations to organizations such as Microsoft, Nordstrom, Deloitte, Boeing, and G.E. in locations from Saudi Arabia to Bogota, Colombia.

LeBret, considered a top authority on monetizing social media, understands the importance of wisely managing a marketing budget, having been a financial analyst for five years and successfully managing a $33 million budget. LeBret also writes for NBC Chicago about technology and marketing.

“What’s amazing about Pubcon Masters Group is one training after another on real actionable steps that you can apply to your business starting right away,” LeBret said. “Regardless of the size of your company, the strategies shared are at the forefront of what you need to dominate your overall Web strategy. No fluff, real numbers, and action steps that will lead to real results,” LeBret added.

Neher is an international speaker on digital marketing,  currently CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a marketing consultancy that emphasizes the creative use of technology and social media to grow

Krista Neher, CEO, BootCampDigital

Krista Neher, CEO, BootCampDigital

brands online. Neher has provided marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups and small businesses. Neher brings a unique combination of traditional marketing skills and experience, technical knowledge as well as creative new marketing approaches with an emphasis on online and social media marketing.

Neher has deep roots in marketing, having worked at Procter and Gamble for over five years, in a career spanning sales, finance and marketing. While at P&G Neher worked on the biggest brands and on some of the largest and most successful product launches. Prior to BootCampDigital, Neher was vice president of marketing for, a technology start-up where she successfully used
branding, strategic marketing, technology and social media to grow the business. Neher is an active blogger and social media enthusiast, blogging on technology, marketing, branding and social media.


Part 1: Facebook Ad Optimization Tricks the Pros UseDennis Yu

Social ads are about amplifying user actions, not about broadcasting creative. Learn how to match the right content to the right audience by building target grids. Choose the right mix of sponsored



stories to grow audience and engagement. Discover when to optimize against CTR vs. against CPC — and three surprising cases where CTR or CPC don’t even matter. What is the skinny on the new sponsored results ads in Facebook search, and how does it differ from Google brand bidding.

We’ll also cover organizational issues — you will walk away with a framework to coordinate with folks on other marketing teams. Where does social advertising end and creative begin? How do you build a social ROI model that everyone else will buy into? If you’re a consultant or agency, what types of automation are most effective to manage many complex client campaigns? How do you estimate campaign performance when you don’t have historical data? When are Facebook’s own estimation tools faulty, requiring you to override them?

We’ll also equip you with ad campaign templates, weekly ad reporting documents, strategy documents to sell the value of your role, and other assets you get to swipe as a participant in this Masters Group training.

Part 2: Black Hat Linkedin Strategies – How to Dominate
Linkedin Both Organically and Paid Ads
Jabez LeBret

When it comes to social strategies LinkedIn is the most underdeveloped opportunity. From groups to organic results on Linked, for some reason people still do not know how to leverage this massive

Pubcon Las Vegas


social network. This session is going to dive into the theory of LinkedIn marketing coupled with actionable tactics that any size firm can use to leverage the highest average gross income
network. Since LinkedIn is dramatically different from Twitter, Facebook, and most ad platforms, your approach to this network requires a strong understanding of both the LinkedIn user and their habits.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • SEO and LinkedIn – Endorsements, Links, Summary, and where you can expect to see results
  • The New Company Pages – How they changed and why it matters
  • Creating Your Own Group and Selling the $#%& Out of It – This is awesome, seriously
  • LinkedIn Ad Network: Creating and Succeed with Your Ad Campaigns
  • How to Not Suck at LinkedIn: Things you are most likely doing that are hurting your LinkedIn results

Part 3: Facebook MarketingAlison Zarrella

Facebook may not be a new phenomenon, but the site is an ever-changing and evolving marketing



platform that brands of all sizes can — and should — be taking advantage of to grow their business and engage with their customers. This session will take you through Facebook optimization, content creation, customer engagement, brand management and more. Learn best practices for managing and monitoring your page, as well as free tools and tips for posting content. We’ll discuss how to build contagious engagement for your brand on Facebook and look at how to build a content calendar for maximum efficiency. Finally, we’ll cover the recent changes to Facebook from the user’s perspective, what this means for brands, and how to target fans.

Part 4: Twitter and Facebook OptimizationDan Zarrella

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be black magic and soft-focus-unicorns-and-rainbows. Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella

Science and real, hard data can get us beyond the same-old “engage in the conversation” and “be authentic” advice. Learn what drives people to share information and opinions online, and learn scientifically-proven practices for spreading your content virally through social media. You’ll have plenty of time for Q&A with Dan Zarrella, social media and viral marketing scientist and author of “The Social Media Marketing Book.”

Part 5: Social Media Journeys and ExplorationsKrista Neher

Look for Neher’s updated Pubcon Masters Group training session outline soon.

Part 6: SMM Question and Answer SessionFaculty

A rare opportunity to have specific questions answered by Pubcon’s expert SMM speakers in this rapid-fire Q&A session.


The Pubcon Masters Group training program is a popular exclusive add-on opportunity separate from the Pubcon conference, featuring a complete day of intensely focused and highly personal learning from leading innovators. Sign up for the Pubcon Masters Group training program now.

We hope you’ll join us for this strong Pubcon Masters Group social media marketing and optimization

Pubcon New Orleans 2013

Pubcon New Orleans 2013

session, and for the entire week of Pubcon New Orleans 2013 in The Big Easy, taking place in less than a month on April 22 – 25 at the state-of-the-art New Orleans Convention Center. Check out our “67+ Big Easy Insider Tips” to learn more about why you can’t afford to miss the year’s biggest and most-anticipated social media and optimization event.

Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor
Team Pubcon

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