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Ziv Dascalu is the founder of WiseImpact, a leading worldwide SEO and Online Marketing consulting company. He was the founder and managing partner in eXseed Venture Capital, a seed and early stage focused venture Capital fund which started over 30 high-tech successful companies.

Prior to his venture capital endeavors, Mr. Dascalu founded AbirNet Ltd, an industry-leading network protection and intrusion prevention software provider. He served as the General Manager and Chief Technical Officer. Computer Associates later acquired AbirNet. Prior to founding AbirNet, Mr. Dascalu held several key positions at NetManage, a Silicon Valley startup that later on want public; he led the development of the industry's most popular TCP/IP stack for Windows. Prior to this, his first startup, Mitan Software, which developed on-the-fly disk compression software, also was acquired by Microsoft and its product was integrated within the MS-DOS operating system.

Mr. Dascalu has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Kellogg-Recanati International Executive MBA Program, Mr. Dascalu is a frequent lecture on the subject of entrepreneurship and marketing at executive MBA programs.