Will Margiloff
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Will Margiloff is Chairman of Netmining, a leading behavioral marketing solutions company, and co-CEO of parent company Innovation Interactive. With over thirteen years of Internet marketing experience, Will brings unparalleled innovation and expertise to the company and the industry. As one of the early pioneers in the interactive space, he has helped revolutionize the online landscape, pioneering the use of paid placement, interstitials, site take-overs, alternative display ads and image-based contextual marketing.

Will has worked extensively with top consumer brands such as AT&T, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Gillette, P&G, Mastercard, SBC and Visa, as well as leading high-tech companies including AOL, AT&T, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Intel. He is a regular speaker at industry events and investment conferences focused on the Internet advertising industry and is frequently quoted in publications ranging from Dow Jones to Ad Week.