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Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer Warren Whitlock is Digital Business Development Strategist His mission is to see that businesses improve the results from digital marketing.

Warren is a #1 best selling author, publisher, author of "Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing are Changing the Way We Do Business" and "Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games"

Warren has an entrepreneur in the computer and imaging industries, several offline businesses and Internet properties. He started his career in broadcast advertising, developing cross promotions between two or more businesses, and has used the same strategies in direct mail and other media.

Over the past decade, Warren has taught thousands of small businesses, authors and individuals how to use proven direct marketing principles to promote product or service, started a trade association for manufacturers in the imaging products industry and served on several executive boards.

Warren blogs for and is co-founder of the Foundation, championing those who empower self-reliance around the world.