Victoria Harres
Director, Audience Development
PR Newswire
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PR Newswire

Vicky leads PR Newswire's Audience Development team which focuses on increasing the use of PR Newswire’s customers' content among all audiences that report on news, from traditional media to bloggers. Her team is also responsible for increasing the use of PR Newswire’s industry-leading distribution networks and platforms such as PR Newswire for Journalists and ProfNet.

Vicky is the voice and team leader behind the PR Newswire brand on Twitter, and the author of, "Straight Tweet: Giving Voice to a Brand," a very well received white paper from PR Newswire along with many articles and guest blog posts. Her authentic representation of the PR Newswire brand on Twitter was recognized in O'Reilly Media's The Twitter Book, by Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein (pp 196-197).

Vicky is a recognized authority on how businesses are using Twitter and social media to drive business, and regularly speaks at industry events, including Internet World's Harnessing the Power of Twitter in London, Digital Somethings’ Somethings Regulated, Business Development Institute events, and TWTRCON SF '09, NY '10 and SF '10.