New Media Expo Tim Bourquin
Founder & CEO
New Media Expo

New Media Expo

Tim Bourquin is Founder and CEO of TNC New Media, Inc., an online media company that has developed, launched and grown several advertising-supported podcasting sites. Among the portfolio is, for triathletes, marathon runners and adventure racers (recently sold to USA Triathlon), with content for entrepreneurs and, a podcast site for online investors. Under Tim's leadership, TNC New Media has also used podcasting and other forms of new media as a promotional tool for everything from corporate events and tradeshows to product launches.

In 2005, Tim launched the Podcast and New Media Expo, a convention and conference for podcasters and online video creators. The event is held annually and attracts over 3,000 podcasters who attend to learn how to create compelling shows and grow their audience.

Tim's company's expertise lies in building niche websites and creating compelling audio and video content for passionate online communities. His goal is to always develop content that engages and entertains the audience and attracts advertisers wanting to reach a highly-targeted audience.