Thomas Phinney
Guru of Fonts & Typography at Extensis
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Thomas Phinney specializes in fonts and typography. While he is best known for technical knowledge and business skills, Thomas is also a type designer, forensic typographer, historian, and academic. His specific areas of interest include: font licensing and IP, legibility and the reading process, font rendering on screen; Unicode and global languages and their support in text layout and applications; typography for children; western type design from the 1880s to 1930s.

Thomas is the Guru of Fonts & Typography at Extensis. He spends his days providing font expertise and Guru of Fonts & Typography at Extensis guidance to products such as WebINK, Universal Type Server and Suitcase Fusion, which bring web fonts and font management solutions to the enterprise, workgroups and individuals. By night, he designs typefaces, binds books, and enjoys the scenic outdoors of Oregon, where he lives.