Bios Thomas Bindl
SEO Consultant
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Thomas is moderator of the "European Search Engines" and "Robots.txt" forums at WebmasterWorld, a speaker at Search Engine Strategies and WebmasterWorld PubCon. He works with corporate clients from the US and Europe as an SEO consultant. Thomas also has a wide knowledge of the affiliate marketplace both in Europe and globally.
His focus is primarily on larger sites and big brands to help them improve their rankings by optimizing their linking structure and on-site SEO. His programming skills in different languages as well as speaking english, german and french are additional strengths. Thomas, a Google Advertising Professional, has clients in various industries, such as e-commerce, automotive, finance or online dating.
"A master at all things Google, Thomas is a great resource to bounce ideas off of. He's one of the best minds in organic optimization I've had the pleasure of working with." - Jake Baillie