Thomas Ballantyne
Director of Marketing

Thomas Ballantyne began his career with Bulwark Exterminating as a pest control technician when they first opened their doors in Austin Texas. He left to pursue a Business degree, earning a BSB/MKT from University of Phoenix Online. During that time he launched a wedding photography business, and learned how to rank #1 for Phoenix Wedding Photographer, back when local search was long tail SEO. In 2006, Thomas returned to Bulwark to work as the executive secretary of the CEO. At that time Bulwark only had a webpage under construction. Thomas has gone from building Bulwark's first website, to seeing Bulwark rank #6 nationally for "Pest Control". Being a smaller family owned pest control company, Bulwark ceased the opportunity in local search the day the 10 pack arrived. All in house, real world experience, Thomas is here to share the peaks and valleys in local search.