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Stephanie Lichtenstein is a proud affiliate program manager with Andy Rodriguez Consulting, one of the top outsourced program management firms in the country. She has managed numerous affiliate programs in the ShareASale Top 100 PowerRank and Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. To grow an affiliate program, she believes in maintaining open communications with her merchants and affiliate partners. Her company has been running successful and ethical affiliate programs since 2001.

Stephanie's other passion is social media. She consults and educates her clients on best practices in social media. She teaches techniques that strengthen personal branding, grow businesses, improve customer service, and gain a competetive advantage. She also uses social media to share her industry knowledge and bring the community together on important matters such as the advertising tax.

The advertising tax got Stephanie blogging more than ever. She also put together the facebook group: Fight Against the Advertising Tax, where she shares up to date news with others on how to protect their small businesses. Stephanie has become an industry advocate, public speaker, and blogger for what matters in affiliate marketing and social media. She recently spoke at Affiliate Summit on the panel Getting Noticed Fast: networking and social media techniques on how to get noticed in the industry. To read more and see Stephanie voice her opinions visit her blog: