Shari McConahay
President & Founder
The Internet Fairy, Inc.
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The Internet Fairy, Inc.

Shari McConahay is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of e-commerce experience. She began her career in e-commerce in 1994 when she started an online website for her family's brick and mortar costume shop. Growing the family business to a multi-million dollar online success, Shari's focus was on marketing the company online and was in charge of all interactive marketing and e-commerce efforts including a focus on optimization of web design, content, conversions, search rankings, paid advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media, and blogging. In 2011, Shari and her husband Myke transformed the family business into a new business model and formed Metamorphic Ecommerce, Inc., the new home of,,, and Shari also runs The Internet Fairy, Inc., which is her e-commerce consulting business, using her 20 years of e-commerce experience as a basis to grant online marketing wishes for her clients.

Shari has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Nova Southeastern University. She has been actively involved in SFIMA since 2003 and has been a on the SFIMA Board of Directors since 2008. She is a past speaker for Pubcon, SFIMA, DMA, and FIU.