Bios Robin Liss
Founder and President

At just twenty-two years old, Robin Liss already has a decade of consumer advocacy experience on her résumé. An Internet entrepreneur with a passion for educating consumers about technology, Robin Liss is the founder and chief executive of, a network of consumer electronics publications that includes:,, and—all content-driven and all committed to independent, ethical consumer products journalism.

Together, Liss' publications attract more than 750,000 unique visitors each month. Amateur technology enthusiasts and professional consumers alike value her publications for their commitment to fair and honest product reviews and deep, informative content.

And it's created a buzz that has drawn the attention of major media outlets. Liss has been tapped for her consumer technology expertise by TV networks and programs including G4, BBC World, “Reliable Sources,” “CNN Saturday” and “CNN Sunday.” The Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor and CBS Sunday Morning profiled Liss at the age of 21. And, when Inc. Magazine recently went looking for the 30 coolest entrepreneurs in the United States under the age of 30, its editors ranked Robin Liss #12 on its list of hot young business owners to watch.

Liss' very first publication,, was born in 1997 from an early experiment in claymation video production and quickly evolved into a new project: the challenge of determining the ultimate winning formula for a consumer product review publication. The secret of's success proved to be a combination of deep, quality information and an easy-to-use navigation program helpful to hobbyists and professional consumers alike. Today, is the largest, most-visited, most comprehensive and relied-upon camcorder and digital video publication in the United States, online or off, providing articles, reviews, ratings and product comparisons. The publication continues to grow not only in content—with a recent, significant addition to its stock footage library—but in revenue as well.

In August 2004, Liss launched a second venture, Targeted to digital photographers, the publication presents thoughtful and exhaustive product information in an objective manner. Entirely independent from the influence of manufacturers, Liss and her staff of reviewers uphold the ethical journalistic practices key to sister publication's success. Consumers appreciate for the accessible writing style of its reviews which makes sense of the techno babble and steer a clear course toward making an educated purchase.

Under Liss' leadership, the teams behind and built both publications into bastions of independent, ethical consumer technology review publishing that reliably meet the needs of consumers. Motivated by their success, Liss decided to take their standardized method of producing objective reviews and expand their range to include objective takes on the worlds of printers and wireless technology. In the spring of 2007, Liss launched, which features wireless industry news coverage, comprehensive reviews of cell phones, and wireless plan reviews that bring clarity to the world of mobile communications; and, which provides reviews of printers, a handy ink and toner finder, and independent printer industry news coverage designed to demystify printer shopping and facilitate printer use for consumers.

To handle the task of reviewing an increased line-up of products and covering the breaking news of additional consumer technology industries, Liss recently doubled her staff to 20 full-time employees, set up an outpost in New York City, and moved to a new office location in Boston to accommodate additional personnel and a state-of-the-art testing lab.

Liss plans to continue to grow, creating additional publications that help consumers by adhering to the journalistic philosophies on reviewing that have guided the company thus far. Throughout her years as a reviewer and as an entrepreneur, she has prided herself on maintaining a strict separation between advertising and editorial that enables an environment where products can be analyzed on their merits alone.

Balancing personal with professional development, Robin completed her B.A. in political science from Tufts University in the spring of 2006. Driven by her political ideals, and bolstered by her real-world experience in business, Robin Liss is implementing ambitious plans to expand her Internet presence as a means to help greater numbers of people take the fear and confusion out of living in the digital age.