Robert Riggs
Television Reporter and New Media Consultant
Riggs Media, LLC
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Riggs Media, LLC

Corrupt politicians and garden-variety scoundrels knew they were in for a bad day upon hearing the ominous announcement, "Robert Riggs is here to see you!"

Robert received the George Foster Peabody Award, the highest award bestowed on television programs for his hard hitting accountability journalism. The targets of his investigative reports typically broke into heavy beads of sweat and stared speechless into the camera under his gotcha questions.

His signature exclusive reports aired on CBS Sixty Minutes and ABC's Nightline. Robert was honored to also receive three Alfred I. duPont Columbia University Journalism Awards which are television's equivalent of the Pulitzer.

During the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Robert and his crew were embedded with the lead Army unit. His reporting includes coverage of The White House, Congress, Pentagon and countless stories that made national news.

Today, Robert advises the C-suite and broadcast news organizations on how to use search and visual social media. He is a practitioner of content marketing.

Robert hosts "The Texas Daily", a television news talk show on KTXD-TV in Dallas. He created a segment called "BackyardMBA" that focuses on how people use digital tools to launch disruptive business models. He is always in hearing a pitch to join him as a guest.

The College of Architecture at Texas A&M University named Robert an Outstanding Alumnus in 2001. Like any true Texan, he is happiest when saddling up his horse for a trail ride.

Robert strongly credits PubCon for providing him with the information and network to cross the digital divide from old broadcast media to the new.

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