Peter Bordes
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Peter Bordes a Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of MediaTrust, a digital performance marketing firm that specializes in matching high-quality publishers with high-quality and high-paying performance-focused advertisers. Prior to founding MediaTrust, Peter spent much of his career in banking and venture capital and was a founder of Mason Cabot investment bank, which specialized in early stage media and technology financing. Mr. Bordes was also a founder and chairman of the board of Empire Media, Inc., a publishing, marketing, and technology enterprise which incubated and founded, the first "True Business Search" engine, and of Advaliant, an online performance marketing platform. Currently, Mr. Bordes is an investor, serves on the boards of, or is an adviser to a number of media and technology companies, such as Widemile, Northstar Software, Roomlinx Inc. (RMLX: OTCBB), jiwire, Greater Media Inc, and Affilicon. Peter serves on the board of Conservation International and is also the Chairman of the Performance Marketing Alliance Fundraising Committee.